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the chickening title and nominations

What the f*#? have I just watched? The Chickening is a one-of-a-kind mashup homage to director Stanley Kubrick's most iconic movie – The Shining. It comes with so much creative force that you'll find it hard not to be hit by it, even more so if you are a fan of the original movie as I am. read more

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-15

The ZONE project was launched in 2015 by the Kolor Art Collective in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The project is split into series of photos called 'zones' each defined by a distinctive style, texture, theme and atmosphere. It was inspired by Rio's epic drag scene, local artists, and the works of David Lachapelle, Osborne Macharia and Jan Saudek. read more


When an album comes out in the twilight month of the year that makes us feel like we are knees deep on a surf trip with sun kissed skin and salted hair, we are infinitely grateful. ‘Out of Touch’ by Brothertiger (aka John Jagos) is such an album. read more

witness this mixtape

Violence seems to be sitting at my doorstep. Living in Los Angeles, current events bring a heightened sense of awareness. I'm more sensitive to the crowd, going inward amongst the insanity, a conscience pull towards those people that are by definition beautifully 'unaffected.' read more

The Invisible Realm

THE INVISIBLE REALM is a collage art project by independent motion designer and creative director Felipe Posada, living in Brooklyn, NYC. His skills impressed me so much that I got in touch with Felipe to ask him some questions about his life, and how the project came to see the light of day. read more

Lili des Bellons

A nice set of abstract minimalist illustrations caught my attention this week. Its creator is the French illustrator/graphic artist Lili des Bellons from Paris, France. read more