Brad Elterman has been shooting since he was 16, and in 1977 he had his first photo published, his subject was Bob Dylan. Brad has since photographed pop culture for Creem, Circus, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, Muzeik Express, Photo Foto, Pop and many more. read more

animal imagination dancers

The idea to collaborate for a photo series had been in the air for a while between me and the costume designer of An!mal Heartwear Berlin. Our idea was to give birth to mythical creatures—half man, half beast—who throughout history have been culturally attributed with the divine. Dancers and artists supported us in the project. read more

tokyo neon lights by liam wong

Photographer and computer game designer Liam Wong caught my attention today. On his Instagram profile he showcases some brilliant compositions from the streets of bustling Tokyo. The lighting of the neon-lit sceneries is enhanced with post effects, giving Wong's Tokyo a distinct surreal feel. read more

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-15

The ZONE project was launched in 2015 by the Kolor Art Collective in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The project is split into series of photos called 'zones' each defined by a distinctive style, texture, theme and atmosphere. It was inspired by Rio's epic drag scene, local artists, and the works of David Lachapelle, Osborne Macharia and Jan Saudek. read more

tasha alakoz

Tasha Alakoz is a visual artist, photographer and art director from Liepaya, Latvia. Her signature style consists of self-portraits that are exploding with the funkiest of colors. When scrolling down her Instagram and curating this feature my selection got bigger and bigger, I just wouldn't know where to stop. read more

burning man 2015

These are my own personal thoughts, based on seeing less than 1% of Burning Man, so I hope anything I say here doesn’t change your own personal experience. I find that all nearly all posts I see in my own newsfeed are gushing with positivity around Burning Man, but those who don’t have a great time generally remain silent perhaps out of fear of going against groupthink or perhaps out of a desire not to bring others down. read more