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Australia makes weird shit look good once again. It seems that the Aussie’s have obscurity on lock down. When I try to take photos of people in Nascar shirts, it looks like a redneck high school project, but when Gadir Rajab takes photos of people in Nascar shirts it’s contemporary and edgy as fuck. It probably helps that Gadir knows how to work a camera and has low fi fashion photography on lock down. It also probably helps read more >


Words & images by Kathryn Hayes
“Have you ever photographed yourself… naked?” had become a common question. Ironically after first entering the space I’d be renting for the summer, I couldn’t seem to ignore the image of a figure lit up by sunlight laying naked on the floor. A good part of me just wanted to pass it off as a metaphor, pointing to the current phase I am in.

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Imagine that you were forced to leave your home and could only bring one thing with you. What would you bring?
Brian Sokol photographs Syrian refugees with the one thing they brought with them from home. A honest reminder of how lucky most of us are.

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I came across Elena Vizerskaya‘s photo manipulation art last year in this article on Daily Art, and it’s hard not to fall in love with it if you have a weak spot for dali-esque surrealism.
Her work approach is playful – the end results are often not laid out in detail before the photo shoot, and seem to come straight out of a dream state.
No more words needed, this one speaks for itself.
Elena also draws and models, official website read more >

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This country enjoys a long history of desperate parents seeking to entertain their little ones by bringing them to sit on the laps of costumed strangers. Right on point with our “Creepy Santa” post a few years back, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite furry little friends in their most exquisite human form. Hide your kids, hide your wife – the Easter Bunny’s in town.

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Ryan Schude is a Los Angeles based commercial photographer with a refined style that pushes the limits of photo realism. His moody, meticulously staged scenes are reminiscent of works by the great Gregory Crewdson with multiple narratives that the viewer can translate in their own way.  The images are highly compelling visually with the allure of trying to solve the narrative pushing the images into a happy haunting.
I personally feel that the most successful creatives I know continue to read more >