When an album comes out in the twilight month of the year that makes us feel like we are knees deep on a surf trip with sun kissed skin and salted hair, we are infinitely grateful. ‘Out of Touch’ by Brothertiger (aka John Jagos) is such an album. read more

witness this mixtape

Violence seems to be sitting at my doorstep. Living in Los Angeles, current events bring a heightened sense of awareness. I'm more sensitive to the crowd, going inward amongst the insanity, a conscience pull towards those people that are by definition beautifully 'unaffected.' read more

nicola noir

I'm not sure if the chills that ran up my back were from the howling wind that ripped across the playa, or the sound of Dikanda's voice piercing the night. We had been playing on the top of Joule an Idaho art car, that had just picked thirty of us up for a journey deep into the night, it was its maiden voyage and the sound system rose to the occasion. read more

KINKID podcast

Visiting KINKID in his hometown is a unique experience. I've been lucky enough to witness the wildest jam sessions happening at KINKID's living room studio at night, quite randomly, with a bunch of surfing friends equipped with bottles of booze dropping by around midnight during the week, the living room turning into a fuckin' spaceship. read more

ON A QUEST FOR LEGENDS podcast Just Emma

This week On A Quest For Legends we are pleased to bring you German DJ duo Just Emma. Since 2012, Saskia and Alex have built a name for themselves through their prodigious and consistent output of podcasts, original mixes, and frequent tours of Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Germany. read more