Kali_SheitansTrap4 cover artwork

interview by Julia Dalia Amenyogbo, photographed by Saskia Uppenkamp—The name Maral Salmassi aka KALI resonates an impressive echo within the music world.Most of her fans are particularly thrilled by her musical output as a first-class provider of electronic sounds. The … read more

Bass Sekolah - Lighthouse cover art

A new release has been spinning on our Macs this week that shall release you into your weekend musically this Friday.The track is the debut work coming from BASS SEKOLAH, a duo that produces their music out of the jungle … read more

DJ/producer Telephones, aka Henning Severud

words by Alex Kralikas, photography by Saskia Uppenkamp.—In a somewhat strange juxtaposition, the most popular music to come out of Norway in the last decade has mostly been heavy metal and disco. For a country known for its cold landscape and conservatism, … read more

Hayley and Samuel Kerridge, the minds behind CONTORT events.

by Kyla Callista. Photos courtesy of Sheena Veerapen (Mindpirates) & Camille Blake (Contort@Atonal).—Hayley W. Kerridge and Samuel Kerridge both are the minds behind CONTORT event in Berlin, which is a day time party that focuses more on the experimentation of … read more


Electronic music lovers perk up your ears. The KENTAUR Podcast series brings us some of the most epically curated electronic music we’ve stumbled across in a very long time.Might be that third cup of coffee or Episode 3 is just … read more


Words by Alex Kralikas, Photos by Saskia Uppenkamp—Do your dreams ever have a soundtrack? I know mine usually don’t. But what if they did? What kind of music would be playing? I guess it depends on the type of dream and … read more


—Swiss jazz-musician-turned-Future-R&B duo TRUE are opening up our week musically today with the video to their new song ‘Colors Of My Estimation’, premiering exclusively on WITNESS THIS.The reduced synth production leaves room for singer Dani’s haunting voice that takes you … read more


Boise, Idaho’s The Dirty Moogs are channeling their inner robot. If you dig yourself some catchy as hell, upbeat, experimental synth pop – check out their new video for their track ‘I’m Alright’ here. read more