photographed by Saskia Uppenkamp, written by Philipp Vogt.

“Wow, dude, I have never seen a top hat as beautiful as that one… it’s perfect. What is it?”
Whenever you hear somebody ask that question at one of the cooler venues or festivals around Berlin these days you can be sure that the answer is CAPT’N CROP – formerly known as ‘Crop Cosecha’.
We arrive at Capt’n Crops’ store on a sunny late summer’s afternoon in read more >

senhor PRUDENCIO_style_witness_this-2

Senhor PRUDÊNCIO is a Portuguese menswear, footwear and accessories label. For their latest season they teamed up with Rita Roque and created a fantastic set of images showcasing their incredibly diverse mens line. Collage has been trending for a while now, but when it’s done right it’s stunning. I love the way that this mens fashion is pushed into a sculptural realm and the traditional models become almost performance artists.

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gadir rajab_witness this-3

Australia makes weird shit look good once again. It seems that the Aussie’s have obscurity on lock down. When I try to take photos of people in Nascar shirts, it looks like a redneck high school project, but when Gadir Rajab takes photos of people in Nascar shirts it’s contemporary and edgy as fuck. It probably helps that Gadir knows how to work a camera and has low fi fashion photography on lock down. It also probably helps read more >


words and interview by Dersu Rhodes
I hear a honk and startled I turn around. I see a black car and I pause tentatively as the tinted window starts to lower.
“Dersu!” Luiz looks back at me through the window. He’s a big smile of hurtling energy, contagious in his incredible stoke for life, “I got your shades brother!!!” he says laughing.
He tips his bag and empties the boxes onto the seat as I stick my read more >


by Julia Dalia Amenyogbo

Sometimes my generation appears confused, on the lookout for value orientation. There are many who claim to know which way to go or what is the right thing to do. Too many times capitalistic ambitions predominate the ones that intend to do good because often they don’t yield as much. The world of today does not make it easy knowing who to believe and what to believe. Conclusively, many opt for nothing.
Luckily, there is read more >

Foto 1

words, translation, title pic & cheese platter by Philipp Vogt

“I love riots. I mean, I am not partaking in fights. But I love the adrenaline rush of being in them – second row, yelling”, David laughs. He’s sitting on my couch, and we are chatting about May 1st – German Labor Day – which is known for violent clashes in the streets between police and autonomous groups. We are killing time waiting for his partner-in-crime Jakob to read more >


Chapter is from Costa Mesa, CA but you’d think they materialized from the workshop of an Eastern European/deep underground Tokyo fashion guru. Komplett in schwarz is what they say in German, all in black is what the people want, so Chapter gives it to them. From their 2014 collection I present to you a minimalist, focused collection of images from a brand that will soon need no introduction as the fashion concept of transgender infiltrates even the squarest read more >


Milk The Goat is a Bali-based beachwear and jewellery label.
Blended with ‘California pin-up hippie’ spirit and an ultra-relaxed attitude, MTG is designed and cut to give female curves the perfect shape, drawing elements from different decades such as high waist bikini cuts from the 1940s/50s.
However, what stands out most about this independent label is its authenticity – product design, corporate identity, brand values, and other activities surrounding the brand feel so organic as it can only be read more >

no love__style_witnessthis-2

No Love is a collaboration between New York twin design-duo Dee & Ricky and Daily News Project which was founded in 2014 by Toronto-native brothers Guillaume and Alex Viau.
They say: Luxury with an avant-garde outlook – inspired by fashion, art, design, and culture.
We say: Clean and to the point. Not a massive line but their message is strong and the brand feels on trend. Love the playfulness of the lookbook as we see too many street brands read more >


It’s easy to write off something different. Growing up with a name like Dersu in Montana wrote me off as strange right off the bat, and I spent a big part of my middle school being the target of endless heckling. In a place like Denver, Colorado, Tikwid could be seen as the odd kid out, however when you begin to get to know what the brand/store represents and the cultural influences that permeate the shop, it doesn’t read more >