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No Love is a collaboration between New York twin design-duo Dee & Ricky and Daily News Project which was founded in 2014 by Toronto-native brothers Guillaume and Alex Viau.
They say: Luxury with an avant-garde outlook – inspired by fashion, art, design, and culture.
We say: Clean and to the point. Not a massive line but their message is strong and the brand feels on trend. Love the playfulness of the lookbook as we see too many street brands read more >

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It’s easy to write off something different. Growing up with a name like Dersu in Montana wrote me off as strange right off the bat, and I spent a big part of my middle school being the target of endless heckling. In a place like Denver, Colorado, Tikwid could be seen as the odd kid out, however when you begin to get to know what the brand/store represents and the cultural influences that permeate the shop, it doesn’t read more >

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With all the storms racing down the midwest and east coast I thought it would be nice to remind everyone that over seas our Australian brothers and sisters are dancing on the beach, trunking it in the ocean, and just generally being good looking. It’s summer in Oz and The Astral Plane recently launched some new gear for us guys. Loving the 60′s vibe of this stuff, and the one-color printed tees and tanks. See more read more >

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I’m thankful for shops like Lone Flag because they make it impossible to look like a chump when you outfit yourself there. You don’t have to read fashion blogs or spend time cruising the mall, because you’re guaranteed to have guys like Sam Larson and gals like Kelli (husband and wife team) selectively placing every piece in the store. Shops like this are the absolute future. The sure fate of our entire consumer culture will be saved by read more >

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Homme Girl is designed by Natalie Yuri and Brittenelle Fredericks and run by a solid group of LA based guys and gals. I came across their site through a friend and appreciated the no bullshit approach to fashion. On the girls side, I feel this is harder to find, as LA is home to a lot of over-the-top fashion. The line feels edgy, young, and sprinkled with some punk and rock and roll which for me really works. read more >

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The debut line from the New York brand Aimé Leon Dore launched online recently and I’m loving everything about this street-meets-high fashion line. What is thoroughly impressive is the attention to detail in everything from the stitching and hardware that adorn the clothing. Visit their online store here.

read more >

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words by Dersu Rhodes photos by Dean Bradshaw

I have reached a time in my life where I am confronted by a fashion/personality/lifestyle/age crisis. Sounds complicated and dramatic but it’s really very simple. The look I have at my age doesn’t really cater to being active in the way that I love to be. For example, I choose to dress more maturely than I did in high school and college; stylish read more >

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Stopped in my tracks by the first print featured here by Carin Wester, I couldn’t help but feature this latest line. Carin is Sweden based, and has won several prestigious awards over the last few years. We see a stunning array of fabrics and cuts, with some interesting textures tied into the silhouettes. A fantastic blend of classic high-fashion and practical winter wear make this line more interesting than most winter releases I’ve seen. See more and shopread more >

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Sophisticated, edgy, and badass. That’s what I think of Acne’s latest delivery of Winter gear. It’s hard to imagine rocking a lot of these styles in LA this time of year, but our friends in temp-dropping climates will definitely appreciate these looks. Sweden’s favorite clothing brand stays ahead of the game when it comes to contemporary cuts and materials. For the most part, the vibrant prints are kept as detailing, and navy’s and blacks found on the larger read more >

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