Another week is upon us and it can be difficult to get to the office Monday morning and get crackin’. We’ve sourced an f’in sick new mix to start Monday morning out right. No stranger to the DJ circuit, Hamburg based H.O.S.H. has spent the last 6 years touring the world and mastering the art of remixing, blending and splicing. Check out his additional 30+ tracks on his soundcloud – one of my favorites, this particular read more >

Trains are badass. If you’ve never been on one, I strongly suggest taking a little trip somewhere. If it’s been awhile, it’s time to get back on track (pun intended). I took a little jaunt from LA to Solana Beach and was reminded that train travel is not only efficient, convenient and cheap, but also insanely fabulous. Maybe I feel this way because I’m a sucker for Agatha Christie novels. Or perhaps it’s because fell in love with Dagny Taggart read more >

Head over to NPR for first listen of Little Dragon’s Ritual Union. Their new more up tempo album just released, and you can purchase it here.

npr music says:
The new record brings out a sharper side of the band. The sounds feel more aggressive, the vocals more dynamic and the mood more consistent as one track flows into the next. At the same time, though, Little Dragon hasn’t lost the dreamy read more >

Operation Doorstep was a Civil Defense test done in conjunction with the March 17, 1953, 16-kiloton ANNIE test conducted at the Nevada Test Site, part of Operation Upshot-Knothole.  In Operation Doorstep, blast and thermal effects were evaluated on mannequins, automobiles, and wooden frame houses.

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