This set is fucking incredible. I can’t thank Kassel, Germany born Christoph Woerner enough for mixing one of the most brilliant sets I’ve heard. Mixed for Klangextase, this set manages to dance amongst the heavy hitting minimal house that we love, and the heartfelt melodies that elevate the genre. “This is so Berlin.” I say to myself, closing my eyes for a moment and I am transported to the floors of Zur wilden Renate, read more >

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photo: Christian Faustus
words by Philipp Vogt

Here comes a serious contestant to challenge the set-of-the-year-so-far by David August that we featured on Witness This the other day. In direct comparison, this time we are getting a little more funky.
But first things first:
Acid Pauli is one of Berlin’s most sophisticated electronic DJ/producers. When going by his real name, Martin Gretschmann, you even have to change the label on his door from ‘DJ’ to ‘musician’ as his read more >


Chapter is from Costa Mesa, CA but you’d think they materialized from the workshop of an Eastern European/deep underground Tokyo fashion guru. Komplett in schwarz is what they say in German, all in black is what the people want, so Chapter gives it to them. From their 2014 collection I present to you a minimalist, focused collection of images from a brand that will soon need no introduction as the fashion concept of transgender infiltrates even the squarest read more >


This Monday we are bringing you a mixtape from Nick Angelillo. Nicks music taste has always been fresh air at any party, dinner, or car ride and we found it only right to begin to feature his mixtapes on the blog.
Our first “Nix” is called Old Paths Lead to New Places
A playlist for any path with music to set your pace. When this playlist ends so will the path and I’ll meet you there. See you on the other read more >


Milk The Goat is a Bali-based beachwear and jewellery label.
Blended with ‘California pin-up hippie’ spirit and an ultra-relaxed attitude, MTG is designed and cut to give female curves the perfect shape, drawing elements from different decades such as high waist bikini cuts from the 1940s/50s.
However, what stands out most about this independent label is its authenticity – product design, corporate identity, brand values, and other activities surrounding the brand feel so organic as it can only be read more >


Interview and words by Greg Bevis

“Obviously I love Justin [Vernon] and his music, but I feel like the comparisons are generally a result of lazy journalism. ”

I catch Tim Bettinson from Vancouver Sleep Clinic as he’s being driven to a business meeting somewhere in LA. He’s never been there before this year, but since posting one song, “Vapour“, on Souncloud just 10 months ago, he has only spent 3 weeks at home read more >



Let me make this quick by giving you three reasons why Sage Francis is one of the best contemporary hip-hop/rap artists walking this earth:
He’s a poet, not a rapper. And his talent as such is just unbelievable.
He’s one of the rare specimen in the rap game who really has to say something original on an intellectually challenging level. Constantly.
Slow Down Gandhi.
I am having a hard time deciding which tracks NOT to present here off read more >


This is the set of the year so far for me. Live from the Boiler Room Berlin, David August takes us on a journey through deep space. We start with a dreamy building soundscape that quickly develops into a jaw-dropping series of mixes. He plays the synth live, while mixing in everything from a segregation RFK speech on vinyl, to some of the funkiest move-your-fucking-body beats to come across Soundcloud.
Please take the time to watch read more >

witnessthis_what would you bring_brian sokol-7

Imagine that you were forced to leave your home and could only bring one thing with you. What would you bring?
Brian Sokol photographs Syrian refugees with the one thing they brought with them from home. A honest reminder of how lucky most of us are.

read more >

Spirit Fingers_Witness_This

I asked a handful of friends a very simple question yesterday – “First thing that pops into your head – what do you think is super underrated?” The answers were interesting, weird, nonsensical and generally awesome. I giggled, I judged, and I gained new insight into the complex mind’s of many whom I thought I knew so well. What i quickly realized is this was just a way better way of asking them what they are read more >