tokyo neon lights by liam wong

Photographer and computer game designer Liam Wong caught my attention today. On his Instagram profile he showcases some brilliant compositions from the streets of bustling Tokyo. The lighting of the neon-lit sceneries is enhanced with post effects, giving Wong's Tokyo a distinct surreal feel. read more

erik - no boundaries EP

Spring is coming. Still looking for the perfect soundtrack to dust off that apartment of yours, and change the wardrobe in your closet to summer season? We have something for you. Our friend erik from Aarhus, Denmark, sent us his new EP that goes by the title "No Boundaries". For me it served as an exorcism of the winter blues. read more

mating ritual

"I was raised on Ray Lynch, Enya, and Lorry Anderson, their music was very little drum work, all pads, sync work, and sweeping orchestral melodies." We sit across from Ryan Lawhon the genius behind Mating Ritual in his Los Angeles Arts District apartment. I watch his cat walk across one of his keyboards and imagine him as a 4 year old in Oakland Hills on the east bay of San Francisco, listening to his mothers records, in a blissful trance, his mind subconsciously logging every tiny detail of his favorite songs. read more


Gradual are a dynamic Polish duo that create dark and pulsating techno. Like many of their genre's counterparts, like Chris Liebling and Adam X, Gradual's sound draws you in with driving rhythms and deep sub-bass. read more

NASA future space tourism

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPT), a subdivision of NASA responsible for exploratory missions into space, has made my day today. They commissioned a set of visionary posters advertising fictional trips to outer space. And WOW... would I have not expected to see this level of creativity from an institute such as the NASA. read more