Your Space

When I saw on Social Media that our friend Sophie had announced the opening of a new international outlet for spirituality and consciousness in Berlin I was instantly intrigued.

Brad Elterman

Brad Elterman has been shooting since he was 16, and in 1977 he had his first photo published, his subject was Bob Dylan. Brad has since photographed pop culture for Creem, Circus, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, Muzeik Express, Photo Foto, Pop and many more.

Hit Me

HIT ME is a short film about romance and imagination, and a very familiar feeling. Have you ever locked eyes with that beautiful stranger somewhere, someplace... when there was that one split second to decide if you gonna talk to that person... or lose sight forever...?

The ImagiNation

The idea to collaborate for a photo series had been in the air for a while between me and the costume designer of An!mal Heartwear Berlin. Our idea was to give birth to mythical creatures—half man, half beast—who throughout history have been culturally attributed with the divine. Dancers and artists supported us in the project.