What does it sound like when (the artist formerly known as) Puff Daddy and Guy Gerber get together for an electronic jam session and record an album?
Well, now you can find out. The result is pretty impressive, happy listening!

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senhor PRUDENCIO_style_witness_this-2

Senhor PRUDÊNCIO is a Portuguese menswear, footwear and accessories label. For their latest season they teamed up with Rita Roque and created a fantastic set of images showcasing their incredibly diverse mens line. Collage has been trending for a while now, but when it’s done right it’s stunning. I love the way that this mens fashion is pushed into a sculptural realm and the traditional models become almost performance artists.

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written by Philipp Vogt

Of all contemporary art none has managed to touch me as much as the one of Cameron Gray has.
I came across his digital artworks browsing the web during an Ayahuasca experience in Brazil, and it touched my soul. It felt as if somebody had portrayed my insides, something I had never felt before with contemporary visual art. Looking at Cameron’s works puts my mind to rest.
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gadir rajab_witness this-3

Australia makes weird shit look good once again. It seems that the Aussie’s have obscurity on lock down. When I try to take photos of people in Nascar shirts, it looks like a redneck high school project, but when Gadir Rajab takes photos of people in Nascar shirts it’s contemporary and edgy as fuck. It probably helps that Gadir knows how to work a camera and has low fi fashion photography on lock down. It also probably helps read more >


by Alex Kralikas
Sean Pineiro just recently released his debut album, Saved Once Twice, on Cologne-based record label Ki Records. Sean’s music is down-tempo, sample-based electronic music, which Ki Records praised for its complexity. In fact, it’s the complexity of Sean’s music that eventually led Ki Records to release his debut album.
Saved Once Twice is a layered, moody catalogue of tracks with a vast palette of sounds, ranging in harmonies and piano chords, with lush vocals and read more >


written & photographed by Philipp Vogt.

The red wine blends with the Camembert in my mouth as I get carried away to another place. Julien’s voice lies in the air like a whisper while Fabien is supporting his partner on a mandoline. In this very moment the two musicians are IN the music, totally spaced out. I can feel the non-verbal connection between them, something like a sixth sense of understanding each other without speaking, just through the read more >

Alchemy Casi Baile_670

Mario Baumspringer and Diego Martinson are Casi Baile which is Spanish for ‘Almost Dance’.
The duo met in Barcelona, both obsessed with electronic music, and everytime they would meet they spent their time showing one another the latest tunes they had discovered. This accelerated more and more over the years, and became a DJ/blog project pushing the boundaries far beyond electronic music.
On their blog Mario and Diego publish DJ sets that are of an extraordinary intelligence, and that demonstrate a read more >


(pic reblog from c0untessbathory)

Time for some vintage music collection.
I found my all time favorite Hip-Hop mixtape in the misty haze of the Soundcloud, and want to share it with you for a belated Music Monday.
Witness DJ Vadim‘s and Primecuts‘ masterpiece ‘Architects Of The Great’ – a rarity pearl of UK’s experimental Hip-Hop history. The mix was distributed on tape in 1998 in a limited edition, only comprising some hundred copies.
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