Experimental lip makeup art photographed for Zebule magazine.

“Lips” has caught our attention with some kick-ass makeup tricks from the magic hat of Meyloo and Lucie Brémeault.We acknowledge the overall creativity, and the great work with textures, photography and retouching.—Photography | Lucie BrémeaultMakeup artist | MeylooModel | Eva … read more


Marshal Apparel‘s shit is next level and their latest campaign is impossible to ignore. Shaun Ross is the face of FW14 and although the overall line is black and white, their choice of vibrant pastels framing an iconic model is … read more

DJ/producer Telephones, aka Henning Severud

words by Alex Kralikas, photography by Saskia Uppenkamp.—In a somewhat strange juxtaposition, the most popular music to come out of Norway in the last decade has mostly been heavy metal and disco. For a country known for its cold landscape and conservatism, … read more

cheese_the_dog_by _Aaron_Campbell. Car in front of deli with giant donut on the roff against dramatic sky backdrop with thunderstorm and clouds.

Aaron Campbell is a Vancouver-based digital artist with a “soft spot for gradients”.I found him through a cool feature on Abduzeedo that particularly praised his interpretation of clouds.What? Yes, CLOUDS!Being a big fan of clouds myself I couldn’t help but … read more

Berlin underground event CONTORT

by Kyla Callista. Photos courtesy of Sheena Veerapen (Mindpirates) & Camille Blake (Contort@Atonal).—The Berlin underground is blooming.Hayley W. Kerridge and Samuel Kerridge both are the minds behind CONTORT event, which is a Berlin underground day time party that focuses more … read more

Decrypted Savants by Samuel Gomez

Holy Shit.To be precise – it’s graphite, ink and acrylic on paper.Visit Samuel’s website for more futuristic art or check his Behance portfolio.Witness a selection of the most stunning impressions below. Before you leave make sure you check the making-of … read more

Death Art

“Thy body being a mental body is incapable of dying […]In reality, thy body is of the nature of voidness;thou needst not be afraid.The Lords of Death are thine own hallucinations.Thy desire-body is a body of propensities, and void.Voidness cannot … read more