Mating Ritual

"I was raised on Ray Lynch, Enya, and Lorry Anderson, their music was very little drum work, all pads, sync work, and sweeping orchestral melodies." We sit across from Ryan Lawhon the genius behind Mating Ritual in his Los Angeles Arts District apartment. I watch his cat walk across one of his keyboards and imagine him as a 4 year old in Oakland Hills on the east bay of San Francisco, listening to his mothers records, in a blissful trance, his mind subconsciously logging every tiny detail of his favorite songs.


Gradual are a dynamic Polish duo that create dark and pulsating techno. Like many of their genre's counterparts, like Chris Liebling and Adam X, Gradual's sound draws you in with driving rhythms and deep sub-bass.

NASA Future Space Tourism Posters

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPT), a subdivision of NASA responsible for exploratory missions into space, has made my day today. They commissioned a set of visionary posters advertising fictional trips to outer space. And WOW... would I have not expected to see this level of creativity from an institute such as the NASA.

‘One Lone Survivor’ by Tim Aminov

The art form of promoting music through the medium of motion picture is something I hope will never cease to exist. ONE LONE SURVIVOR by Tim Aminov not only is a great musical score. The story of a young lonesome samurai was also well executed and captured in beautiful images.

Geometric Landscape Design by NINETOTHREE

Created by German freelance designer NINETOTHREE, this gorgeous abstract photoset features an unusual merge. The graphic talent behind it, German-based Oliver K. pursued a goal to discover new and interesting stock imagery, to then manipulate in post production.