Coco de Mer Rankin X_fb

Star director/photographer Rankin is well known in the scene for his fashion aesthetics.He recently teamed up with ad agency TBWA London to deliver an online/cinematic ad for adult retailer Coco de Mer. This piece is causing quite some ripples on … read more

Lola Dupré

Welcome to Lola Dupré’s wonderful world of dadaism.The distorted protagonists of her collages are people, sometimes animals or objects. She varies her style from extending body parts to a degree of total deformation to imploding heads that seem to consist … read more

Dusun Sessions

What is the result when international pioneers of the electronic music front gather at one of the probably least electronic places in the world – the Malaysian Berembun jungle? read more

michele durazzi_was ist metaphysik

Michele Durazzi is an Italy-based visual artist. His portfolio includes sculpting, 3D CGI modeling, photography, and illustration.I was drawn to his art by some architectural studies I found on the web. “These images are the result of three-dimensional graphics processing … read more

Mandarin Duck Book Cover_Scarab_670

Aniko Kolesnikova is the woman behind the label Mandarin Duck that specializes in handcrafted objects made of polymer clay.Aniko impressed me with a set of handcrafted fairy tale book covers. I’m mind-blown by the aesthetics and the level of detail … read more

Ralf Brueck Distortion

Ralf Brueck impressed me with a photo series the other day.The work that goes by the title ‘DISTORTION’ was created from 2010 to 2014. The artist statement describes the concept as extracted tonal elements “which are part of the digital … read more


written by Julia D. Amenyogbo & Albina Haxhimusa.—Daily Paper is an Amsterdam based clothing brand, founded by Abderrahmane Trabsini, Hussein Suleiman and Jefferson Osei. The collective started off as a fashion and lifestyle blog in 2008. Due to their highly … read more