written & photographed by Philipp Vogt.—The red wine blends with the Camembert in my mouth as I get carried away to another place. Julien’s voice lies in the air like a whisper while Fabien is supporting his partner on a … read more

Alchemy Casi Baile_670

—Mario Baumspringer and Diego Martinson are Casi Baile which is Spanish for ‘Almost Dance’.The duo met in Barcelona, both obsessed with electronic music, and everytime they would meet they spent their time showing one another the latest tunes they had … read more


(pic reblog from c0untessbathory)—Time for some vintage music collection.I found my all time favorite Hip-Hop mixtape in the misty haze of the Soundcloud, and want to share it with you for a belated Music Monday.Witness DJ Vadim‘s and Primecuts‘ masterpiece … read more


words and interview by Dersu RhodesI hear a honk and startled I turn around. I see a black car and I pause tentatively as the tinted window starts to lower. “Dersu!” Luiz looks back at me through the window. … read more


by Julia Dalia Amenyogbo—Sometimes my generation appears confused, on the lookout for value orientation. There are many who claim to know which way to go or what is the right thing to do. Too many times capitalistic ambitions predominate the … read more


What do Arnold Schwarzenegger, Miley Cyrus and Rufus Wainwright have in common? Not a whole lot per se….other than their love for American summers and a feature on this mixtape! This compilation is an adult capri sun on a hot … read more


Words & interview by Tori WhiteIn a wonderful stroke of creative umami, it’s no surprise that ‘Gomorrah’, one of the most gritty and frighteningly authentic, dramatic TV series to come out of Italy would be set to the score of … read more


photocred Mikell Herrick—Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu is a buddhist monk, and he delivers the clearest, most comprehensive beginners guide to meditation that I have witnessed to date in a six piece series.After you are totally zen and feel ready to jump back … read more

GentleKenMixedFeelings horizontal

by Ken Wallraven.A quote from the movie Memento gave inspiration to this mix: ‘Just because there are things I can’t remember, doesn’t mean my actions are meaningless. The world doesn’t just disappear when you close your eyes.’Well, the world doesn’t … read more