Tim Sweeney brings forth another epic set as he hosts John Talabot and Jamie XX (from the XX) in playing a non-stop 2 hour set, playing 2 and 2. The soundscape provided by these two breaks away from any pre-conceived notions I had on what their sound would be. It’s glorious in the way it leads you through a schizophrenic tempo forest without being harsh or unsettling and the fact that they are able to combine read more >

owen perry_circa 1983_darkroom_witnessthis-15

Circa 1983 is the work of Owen Perry. I came across his work last week and haven’t been able to close the tab on my browser window. Every time I come back to his images, I can’t stop scrolling as if I’m in a dream state. Being from the mountains, and longing for escape from LA at least a few times a week, these images make me happy. See more of Owen’s stunning work here.

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When I die,
I want to fall in my bed exhausted,
covered in scars,
stories buzzing in my head,
of memories and inside jokes,
from a lifetime of misadventure.
My broken bones barely healed,
my weathered skin and matted hair,
A body running on fumes.
And I will lay there,a room full of grand children,
minds alive with curiosity,
for a world waiting to be explored.
And a beautiful wife, with soft hands in mine,
smiling because she knows me best,
and then she would look at me,
and see the read more >


We haven’t posted many music videos as of lately, but this one caught my eye and ear. It’s more poppy than I usually post but I can’t hate what puts me in a good mood, and although light and fluffy, Adam Castilla and Maya Tuttle’s chorus’s had me smiling and humming, so fuck it, I’m in! The Colourist is Adam Castilla and Maya Tuttle of Paper Thin Walls along with friends Kollin Johannsen and Justin Wagner. They read more >

-Katrin Rodegast_art_witnessthis-14

Words & interview by Philipp Vogt.
Images courtesy of Katrin Rodegast.
“Made of what?” is a quite common reaction from people who witness Katrin Rodegast‘s work for the first time.
Katrin is a Berlin-based paper artist. Her work shows such a passion for the detail that it immediately caught our eye. But her talents go far beyond paper – ‘tactile illustration’ is what you call Katrin’s profession when she is not doing free artistic work.
Her work displays an enormous read more >

no love__style_witnessthis-2

No Love is a collaboration between New York twin design-duo Dee & Ricky and Daily News Project which was founded in 2014 by Toronto-native brothers Guillaume and Alex Viau.
They say: Luxury with an avant-garde outlook – inspired by fashion, art, design, and culture.
We say: Clean and to the point. Not a massive line but their message is strong and the brand feels on trend. Love the playfulness of the lookbook as we see too many street brands read more >


Nicholas Routzen has been shooting New York for years and it shows. His appreciation and love for the city spreads thick, from fashion week to snowy streets. I spent an evening with Nicholas cruising Williamsburg and his favorite drink spots and quickly found how much he lives in a world of details. Every cocktail is dissected and a meal doesn’t go down without sophisticated critique and appreciation.
Nicholas is a busy man these days spearheading Salt & read more >