Have you ever found yourself standing in line at the bank, enjoying watching people going about their day around you? You’re able to stand patiently, watch the world pass you by, content and calm. You may wait 2 minutes or maybe it’s 15. You’re fine. And then there are the days you shift from side to side, you can’t stop checking your phone, you find yourself using that tone of voice with the teller that you’re read more >

GentleKenMixedFeelings horizontal

by Ken Wallraven.
A quote from the movie Memento gave inspiration to this mix:
‘Just because there are things I can’t remember, doesn’t mean my actions are meaningless. The world doesn’t just disappear when you close your eyes.’
Well, the world doesn’t disappear, but it may become clearer. It’s about those special moments. When you listen to a track – and maybe even dance to it. And you don’t just lose yourself to it, you see some sort read more >


Another one of our favorite paper artists – Berlin’s Amrei Andrasch shows us what you can do with paper, razor blades, and skills galore.
Enjoy some impressions from her work below (an extra ‘whatthefuck’ goes out to her CyBird glasses), and check her website or follow her on facebook if you want to know more.
Also make sure to witness her master’s thesis –
a motion piece that playfully promotes the overcoming of prejudices in gender understanding. Visit read more >


Inspired by a book with the same title our dear Hamburg-based witness Larissa Sophie Spengler graces us today with ‘Pretty Ugly’, a carefully curated selection of music that pays tribute to that very feeling that something is so beautiful that it almost hurts – yes, we’re talking about our good ol’ friend cheesiness!
Porcellain elephants are winding their trunkets, the sun’s rising above Chernobyl in a snow dome, and cowboy garden gnomes are playing the violin while Kevin is read more >


Slower Expectations doesn’t lower expectations by any means. Christoph Woerner, responsible for one of my favorite sets of the year has just released a follow up set that is a little more down-tempo yet doesn’t lack detail and keeps you engaged all the way through.
I asked Christoph where the inspiration for his sets comes from, what would he say his influences are and where he seeks out his music.
“I try to play friends, artists that I read more >


Words & images by Kathryn Hayes
“Have you ever photographed yourself… naked?” had become a common question. Ironically after first entering the space I’d be renting for the summer, I couldn’t seem to ignore the image of a figure lit up by sunlight laying naked on the floor. A good part of me just wanted to pass it off as a metaphor, pointing to the current phase I am in.

Almost two years ago I read more >


We were among the lucky few who were granted exclusive access to the monster set that our friends from tanz+klangkombinat played at this year’s Fusion festival in Lärz, Germany. Witness This proudly shares this set today, taking you on a musical journey from the dark into the light that will keep you entertained for a while.
Over five hours of music to take you on a beautiful ride, tune in and space out. Safe travels!

read more >


We arrived at the shop early in the morning as the first light entered the room. Dust particles danced through sunbeams as we began to move items around the space, debating wardrobe and the shot sequence. Nick entered and listened to what we had planned. He nodded his head, pulled a piece of beaver felt down from a shelf, set it on the table and began to work. Worries of the wardrobe, makeup, and set dressing fell away. read more >


Sebastian Porter is yet another DJ from Berlin who has put together a set to kick off the week just right. Porter’s background was finance, but upon discovering his musical genius, he found himself in Berlin producing and playing at local clubs. At 27 years old, he has a long life ahead of him, and we’ll follow his every musical move in hope of the continued release of sets like this one.
Please enjoy this special hour + read more >