Bob Moses

Photo by David Tarranova Bob Moses absolutely blew my mind at our New Years party last night with the first play of their newest set Inner City Odyssey. I stumbled upon it on Soundcloud just after midnight making it the first … read more

Best Music 2014

Words by Lindsay Colip / Design by Dersu RhodesDear Witnesses,What a year, right? The editors of WT, both here on the west coast and overseas (not in tropea though, we don’t have any editors there yet), wanted to take a … read more


Amanda Charchian is an L.A.-based fine artist.Her portfolio includes photography, sculpture and film. I will focus on her photography in this feature.Amanda has an incredible skill to make a surreal impact on your senses. To achieve that she puts emphasis … read more

Kevin Frilet UNDER

Kevin Frilet kick-starts our week with a beautiful, eerie short film. Through impressive underwater photography he examines the void, the light and the darkness. His four minute piece takes us on a journey, allowing us to float freely through moods … read more

The Black Atlas All Black unique items

Photographer Justin Sullivan is the man behind The Black Atlas, an online store slanging one of a kind ‘komplett-in-schwarz’ (German for ‘all-black’) pieces. This is not your typical online store as the merchandise curation is incredibly tasteful and creative not … read more

Kerby Rosanes Moleskine Drawings

Get the fuck outta here, Kerby Rosanes… these Moleskine sketches are so ILL I’d like to know which planet you were born on. The level of detail is insane, and the creativity is bursting.Kerby must have been that dude that … read more

Atsushi Koyama anatomy art

Before starting his second career as a serial killer Tokio-born Atsushi Koyama used to be the first cyborg-doctor ever to work as a brain surgeon in the university hospital of Illinois. Unbelievable, isn’t it?!Nowadays, Koyama is doing rather simple stuff … read more

Chris Maynard Featherfolio JaySunBather-1

Artist Chris Maynard carves feather art out of birds’ feathers using a scalpel.“Each feather, though dead and discarded, keeps something of the bird’s essence,” Maynard told COLOSSAL magazine the other day. “Since I work mostly with shed feathers, some of … read more

Trap music artist KALI podcast cover

interview by Julia Dalia Amenyogbo, photographed by Saskia Uppenkamp—The name Maral Salmassi aka KALI resonates an impressive echo within the music world.Most of her fans are particularly thrilled by her musical output as a first-class provider of electronic sounds. The … read more