‘Unaffected’ | A WITNESS THIS Mixtape

Violence seems to be sitting at my doorstep. Living in Los Angeles, current events bring a heightened sense of awareness. I'm more sensitive to the crowd, going inward amongst the insanity, a conscience pull towards those people that are by definition beautifully 'unaffected.'

The Invisible Realm

THE INVISIBLE REALM is a collage art project by independent motion designer and creative director Felipe Posada, living in Brooklyn, NYC. His skills impressed me so much that I got in touch with Felipe to ask him some questions about his life, and how the project came to see the light of day.

Lili des Bellons

A nice set of abstract minimalist illustrations caught my attention this week. Its creator is the French illustrator/graphic artist Lili des Bellons from Paris, France.

Onyx Creative

Onyx Creative caught my eye in a massive way this week as I came across this forward-curated online store that is a glimpse into the future of clothing and accessories.

Tasha Alakoz

Tasha Alakoz is a visual artist, photographer and art director from Liepaya, Latvia. Her signature style consists of self-portraits that are exploding with the funkiest of colors. When scrolling down her Instagram and curating this feature my selection got bigger and bigger, I just wouldn't know where to stop.

Tame Impala’s ‘The Less I Know The Better’ by CANADA

I hate to be late with posting the good stuff. So usually I don't even bother re-posting things here on WITNESS THIS that have been covered by the creative lead media already weeks ago. This time I have to make an exception although our colleagues at 'The Creator's Project' were faster. It's just because Tame Impala's new music video is easily one of the best I've seen in years.

Jae-Hyo Lee

Tree trunks turned into wooden sculptures aren't cutting-edge unseen. But the way South Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee delivers this made me stop breathing. His works are marvelous, equally functional and aesthetic.

‘ENDLESS’ by molistudio

'ENDLESS' is an elegant CGI motion piece that caught my attention this week. It's actually a music video for an Argentinian band called Anybody There. What is remarkable about these guys is that the band's members work from different cities, and exchange their thoughts and material only via internet.

Mstr of Disguise

Blogger, stylist, model, fashion designer – Mstr of Disguise is leading a new generation of women. Women who hold hands to raise each other up, women who see each other as motivation, inspiration and collaborators.