Artwork by Jesse Draxler. Words and Interview by Dersu Rhodes.  I didn’t know much about Jesse Draxler. Man or women, artist or photographer, model or actor, designer or sculpture? I searched through Jesse’s site and social, and still nothing. Even his … read more


-all images courtesy of the artist.-—Tal ‘Talbotics‘ Avitzur is an artisan with a one-of-a-kind focus.He collects the rarest, oddest, most antique vintage scrap parts you can find on this earth.The purpose? He assembles them into handcrafted unique sci-fi sculptures. Most … read more

asphyxia dance kinetics

as·phyx·i·a is an experimental film that explores body movements with digital motion capture technology. For the recording the creators chose one of mankind’s oldest forms of expression – dance.Artists Maria Takeuchi and Frederico Phillips used simple Xbox One Kinect sensors … read more

Arkadiusz Cover Art by Mat MacQuarrie

-photo with friendly courtesy of Planta Baja Bar-—Arkadiusz Dmytrow aka ‘Arkadiusz’ is a polish musician and blogger.His DJ career began 2010 in Frankfurt am Main where he frequented the famous former Vinylshop Pro Vinyl and legendary electronica institution Robert Johnson … read more

sustainable fashion by filippa k_670

One of our favorite apparel brands, Filippa K has caught our attention with a recent announcement. The Swedish designer launched three new sustainable fashion projects. Here they are.Filippa K Sustainable Fashion Projects launched 2015:LEASE – allows customers to rent pieces … read more

Mickael Jou

Mickael Jou made my day with a series of self-made ballet shots.The Berlin-based photographer-slash-dancer selects urban locations to do a kind of self portrait that I have never seen before. Everything in these compositions is plain fresh and awesome, from … read more


words by Jorinde Markert. Photography by Saskia Uppenkamp.—I like to hear a stranger’s song, it shows me where they’re coming from is a line from Vindan’s song Satellite.In Australian musician Vindan’s case, he would have to sing us many, many … read more