Joana Faria is a Brazilian illustrator with a unique focus.
The main protagonists in her pen(cil) world are skinny ladies with big eyes and oversized eyelashes. These characteristic feats can’t help but to be evocative of Tim Burton’s animated heroes of Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse Bride which is, well, not the worst of a reference, I’d say…
I love the playfulness in her style. Her drawings are a fun and cheerful world to dive into, and read more >


Words & interview by Philipp Vogt.
Image courtesy of Shot By Andres.

Do you know those nights? Those nights that, like a rare butterfly, you can catch maybe once every five years if you are lucky?
When you walk into that party… and you hear the first beats of the music. You look into the first couple of smiling faces. You can almost TOUCH the vibes and the connection. And there is this one moment when you know (you read more >

aj walker_art_witnessthis-8

AJ is a freelance artist who’s art is largely inspired and informed by surrealism, as well as psychedelic poster and album art of the ’60s and ’70s. We were sent his work as an artist submission and were immediately drawn to his collages and illustrations as they seemed to speak of a raw study of religion, sex, culture and sea creatures.
I am equally interested in prehistoric cave paintings and religious artwork and architecture of all cultures. For read more >


Stemming from and residing in a place of presence and connectivity with others, this mixtape is meant for the morning after the best times are had in a collective group environment. The remnants of last evenings festivities fresh on the brain, but the focus of the present days adventures on the heart. Residual Glitter is delivered to you by the boys formerly known as Fresh + Sunny, now Room Service. So put out the ‘Do Not read more >


It’s easy to write off something different. Growing up with a name like Dersu in Montana wrote me off as strange right off the bat, and I spent a big part of my middle school being the target of endless heckling. In a place like Denver, Colorado, Tikwid could be seen as the odd kid out, however when you begin to get to know what the brand/store represents and the cultural influences that permeate the shop, it doesn’t read more >


Inspiration is an imaginary coattail, an invisible road map, childlike wonder at the moon, a run through an open field, and the sun beaming down on closed eyelids. It slips in like a cool morning breeze and rushes out with the tide. It’s sand in your hand – all there, then slips away all at once. Fall freely into the crashing waves. Move with intention, be cautious, don’t be deterred by the possibility of a storm up ahead. Use the read more >

justin sullivan_darkroom_witnessthis-10

It’s impossible to ignore what Justin Sullivan is doing with his camera. Justin is LA based and shoots fashion, lifestyle, and still life’s that are bold, clean, impactful and sexy. His color palette seems to channel an edgier part of LA, where deep set eyes, eerie with missed nights of sleep, stare vacantly at the camera and it’s a mystery as to how the six packs emerged from gym-less, cigarette smoking bodies. His work is diverse so make read more >


Thomas Erst is a midwest transplant making unique wood creations in Los Angeles, California under the name Thomas Wayne Woodworks. Now a seasoned craftsman, Thomas came to the West Coast years ago somewhat lost in life and searching for his true calling.  As cliche as it may be, a series of events unfolded that led him into a profession that is both hard work and true passion. Thrust out of his familiar midwest surroundings, read more >


With all the storms racing down the midwest and east coast I thought it would be nice to remind everyone that over seas our Australian brothers and sisters are dancing on the beach, trunking it in the ocean, and just generally being good looking. It’s summer in Oz and The Astral Plane recently launched some new gear for us guys. Loving the 60′s vibe of this stuff, and the one-color printed tees and tanks. See more read more >


FMLYBND are a six piece electronic indie band that are a prime example of the every changing notion of family in these modern times. They hail from Isla Vista, California a densely populated youth haven perched above the bluffs of the Pacific Ocean just north of Santa Barbara. It’s literally a neverland of couch fires, stolen bikes, Floatopia, casual sex, Gaucho Ball and the best Halloween parties on the west coast. Void of adults (seeing anyone over read more >


When I first met Laura Mckellar, she didn’t say that she was an artist right away. She mentioned that she was from Australia, loved to travel, we talked about music, and what it was like to be staying a few months in LA. It was only after I dug a bit that she mentioned that she did design. She handed me a business card and on it was a woman with a bird on her head. I know read more >