‘ENDLESS’ by molistudio

'ENDLESS' is an elegant CGI motion piece that caught my attention this week. It's actually a music video for an Argentinian band called Anybody There. What is remarkable about these guys is that the band's members work from different cities, and exchange their thoughts and material only via internet.

Mstr of Disguise

Blogger, stylist, model, fashion designer – Mstr of Disguise is leading a new generation of women. Women who hold hands to raise each other up, women who see each other as motivation, inspiration and collaborators.

Android Jones

At the end of an old shale riddled path, hidden by brambles and overgrown hedges lay at the bottom of the hill a modern Shangri-La. Within this rural oasis, sits a barn accentuated by equal parts electric-art and rusting metal. As I walked up to the barn, an overhaul-clad man came out and shook my hand, introducing himself as Andrew immediately asking if I’d like a tour of the grounds...


Ouibonjour translates from French directly to "Yes, hello". Judging by the apparel they are producing their message seems just as direct. It's about form fitting cut and sew, and bold Japanese inspired icons.

‘Our Fractal Brains’ by Julius Horsthuis

VFX supervisor Julius Horsthuis is intrigued by fractal geometry. Fractals are a phenomenon of repeating mathematical patterns occurring everywhere in nature. It is also known as 'expanding symmetry' because it essentially means that the pattern repeats itself regardless of the scale.


German-American artist PEEKASSO is one of the enfants terribles among this centuries' digital renegades. His medium is the GIF, his messages range from subtle to in-your-face. He plays around with eye-hurting strobe colors, and goes everywhere from mashing up celebrities to political topics to porn to dadaism.

Reflections on Burning Man 2015

These are my own personal thoughts, based on seeing less than 1% of Burning Man, so I hope anything I say here doesn’t change your own personal experience. I find that all nearly all posts I see in my own newsfeed are gushing with positivity around Burning Man, but those who don’t have a great time generally remain silent perhaps out of fear of going against groupthink or perhaps out of a desire not to bring others down.