RUN Show Opening 2015, Los Angeles

Born in Ancona, Bufarini began painting abandoned walls in Bologna and Florence in the late 1990s under the pseudonym 'RUN'. Working as RUN within the Italian underground scene, Bufarini and his fellow collaborators catalysed the European street art movement, effecting a renaissance of muralism.

Nicola Noir

I'm not sure if the chills that ran up my back were from the howling wind that ripped across the playa, or the sound of Dikanda's voice piercing the night. We had been playing on the top of Joule an Idaho art car, that had just picked thirty of us up for a journey deep into the night, it was its maiden voyage and the sound system rose to the occasion.

Scottie Cameron

Scottie Cameron is an Australian photographer, creative director, composition genius. He is based in Los Angeles and does all kinds of incredible work and is apparently a super nice guy.

Shawn Hanna (NSFW)

We've been eyeing Shawn Hanna's work for a while. His work just keeps getting better. Shawn not only shoots well technically but his creative vision and art direction are stunning. His connection with the models he shoots is evident and I love the balance of sexuality and tastefulness.

Robbie Masterson

At times I will get stuck on a site when I'm supposed to be doing work, and I don't want to close the window even though I know that I shouldn't be staring at chicks while I'm at the office. This just happened when I found Robbie Masterson's site.

Artlake Festival 2015

During the last days of this summer a new festival took place near Berlin, Germany. Situated at a picturesque little lake, the organizers of the ARTLAKE FESTIVAL presented a perfect mixture between electronic and live music, workshops and art of local artists.

Mix of the Month September: KINKID

Visiting KINKID in his hometown is a unique experience. I've been lucky enough to witness the wildest jam sessions happening at KINKID's living room studio at night, quite randomly, with a bunch of surfing friends equipped with bottles of booze dropping by around midnight during the week, the living room turning into a fuckin' spaceship.

Ziye Liu

Ziye Liu is a 3D and visual FX artist. Liu's short clip 'Themes & Variations' picks up a meta-art approach. Inspired by classic works of Yayoi Kusama and Ai Weiwei Liu uses CGI to transform the famous installation artists' existing works into something new.

Andrew Zbihlyj

Andrew describes his work as "A mildly convoluted mix of traditional and digital collage techniques incorporating loose inks, tight pencils, found photography, acrylic paints, various chemicals and occasionally a bit of fire."

On A Quest For Legends | Chapter 7 | Just Emma

This week On A Quest For Legends we are pleased to bring you German DJ duo Just Emma. Since 2012, Saskia and Alex have built a name for themselves through their prodigious and consistent output of podcasts, original mixes, and frequent tours of Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Germany.