Iceland’s ‘The Acid’ (also, ∴ The ꓃ ᑄ ꒛ ᗌ ∴) is quickly gaining recognition for their most recent release of his debut self-titled EP. The face, or perhaps faces behind their sound is yet to be revealed to the world and it’s only through Soundcloud that I’m able to pin them to any location. Whether this anonymity is intriguing to some or frustrating to others is irrelevant – ‘The Acid’ has our attention. Vocals like read more >

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I have to admit that’s one of the most badass french names i’ve heard in a long time. Being born with a name like Sophie-Alexia Joly de Lotbinière you can imagine the pressure to be really good if you ever mentioned to anyone that you wanted to be an artist. Sophie-Alexia took her craft seriously from the beginning and spent time studying painting in Florence Italy at Charles H. Cecil Studios and then graduated from The School of read more >

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Boiler Room is a soundcloud/youtube channel that hosts, records, and streams live the worlds best underground shows. Started in the UK and now in the last year expanding to Berlin, the 1.1 million followers of know what to expect, the most exclusive cutting edge music from the hottest underground parties. Whether it streams underground from a bunker in Berlin, a rooftop loft in London, or a private beach read more >

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“Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee in that annual autumnal beginning, as if last year’s mistakes had been wiped clean by summer.” – Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose
Inspired by shorter days, intimate gatherings and transitions felt both within and around us – this compilation remains playful and upbeat yet takes into account the tenderness of cooler weather, waning sunshine and longer nights spent beneath the sheets. Enjoy this September’s mixtape, KŌZĒ.
adjective read more >

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Niemand & Keiner_WT-2

Words, interview & translation by Philipp Vogt
Images courtesy of Veronica Losantos and Niemand & Keiner
I first met Clemens at a techno festival in Garbicz, Poland.
It was at a bar, third night into the festival in between two amazing DJ sets that the two of us found ourselves in a conversation about men, women, and desire. I remembered that guy even after the festival, because he claimed to not give a fuck at all about how read more >

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Written by Philipp Vogt

Nico Stojan is one of our Berlin based absolute favorites. He grabbed our undivided attention with After the Hour which is just one amongst hundreds of unbelievable sounds from this producer/dj.
Katerholzig liaised with Bachstelzen (a really crazy and BRILLIANT artist/DJ collective, you can find their page here on fb) and organized a very intimate techno festival in Garbicz, Poland, August 16th thru 19th. read more >

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neil craver_Omni-Phantasmic_darkroom_witnessthis-5

Neil Craver has been able to capture the human form underwater better than we’ve seen in a long time. It draws upon the colored underwater stills from Michael Muller’s great white shark series but instead of ferocity we are given elegance. Neil speaks to the series in an abstract sense of Omni-Phantasmic essentially defined as A combining form denoting all, every, everywhere; as in omnipotent, all-powerful; omnipresent; omnivorous..
We were very moved by this work and love read more >

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Our ears recently thanked us for coming across Portico. Their first EP leads us through a riff laden, dreamy vocal spread that is hard not to enjoy. Softly, Dear has a very ‘Wisconsin’ sound. Portico is the debut effort from this Eau Claire-based band, who formed late summer 2012. After brewing for a while, it’s ready to breathe. Softly, Dear is made up of Tyler Hart, Josh Frederick, Alex Adkinson, Ben Possi and Addie Strei read more >

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Top Less_WT

Vancouver’s Top Less is really damn good at creating a buzz. Repeatedly selling out local venues over the past few years and well-known for the sweatiest, glitter infested dance parties this city has to offer, the band is now set to release their very first full-length album and it’s causing quite the stir. Surprisingly though, these guys (and a gal) have yet to really break out outside of their local sphere. This album is intended to read more >

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