Images courtesy of Philipp Vogt and Shelley Pellegrin.

The air is filled with a blend of cigarette smoke and incense as I step into the studio rooms of
Marc-Alan Gray that are residing within the public-bath-turned-night-club halls of STATTBAD in Berlin Wedding.
The place is a known playground for artists, and it shows. Peaches’ Berlin studio is set up next door, and the entourage is coming and going, partly sharing the creative space with my host, read more >


title photo credential: Sel Dizman via ART BERLIN,
all other images courtesy of the artist.

Good news: the artist you are about to witness is one to remember.
Bad news: a blog is by far not the right medium to experience the art of Jen Ray. You need to see it live in order to capture the genius in it.
I stumbled across Jen Ray’s art in a gallery in Berlin, and it immediately resonated. Some research dug up read more >


Photocred: Anna Mascarenhas via thump Brazil

Electronic music in Brazil is coming of age. The electronic label Domina has just released Manara‘s debut album IHNTERACTIONS, and if you like experimental electronica this might be just your thing.
They say: House and techno are vague words that may come to your mind while listening to the album with its 12 tracks including vocal samples from Björk, Little Dragon and Mary J. Blige, creating an eerie mood (thump). read more >

creepy bunnies_wt-11

This country enjoys a long history of desperate parents seeking to entertain their little ones by bringing them to sit on the laps of costumed strangers. Right on point with our “Creepy Santa” post a few years back, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite furry little friends in their most exquisite human form. Hide your kids, hide your wife – the Easter Bunny’s in town.

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Ryan Schude is a Los Angeles based commercial photographer with a refined style that pushes the limits of photo realism. His moody, meticulously staged scenes are reminiscent of works by the great Gregory Crewdson with multiple narratives that the viewer can translate in their own way.  The images are highly compelling visually with the allure of trying to solve the narrative pushing the images into a happy haunting.
I personally feel that the most successful creatives I know continue to read more >


Kwabs defines new age soul with his gut wrenching vocals and intricately constructed instrumentals. It’s amazing how Kwabs is able to feel so relevant and timeless bridging genres while staying true to quintessential R and B. Camberwell,UK based Kwabs is bigger than love ballads and finds his rightful seat amongst The Weeknd, and Banks of this day and age.
Listen below or head over to his soundcloud to hear more.

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I don’t know what the fuck these guys are doing but it’s awesome. In their video for Cold Steps they are wearing great clothing and dancing all over suburbia like they don’t care. They are from LA and I don’t know anything about them but I am on the hunt to see them live and do a follow up feature where we do an interview so stay tuned. Check out more from their soundcloud here.

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Tim Sweeney brings forth another epic set as he hosts John Talabot and Jamie XX (from the XX) in playing a non-stop 2 hour set, playing 2 and 2. The soundscape provided by these two breaks away from any pre-conceived notions I had on what their sound would be. It’s glorious in the way it leads you through a schizophrenic tempo forest without being harsh or unsettling and the fact that they are able to combine read more >

owen perry_circa 1983_darkroom_witnessthis-15

Circa 1983 is the work of Owen Perry. I came across his work last week and haven’t been able to close the tab on my browser window. Every time I come back to his images, I can’t stop scrolling as if I’m in a dream state. Being from the mountains, and longing for escape from LA at least a few times a week, these images make me happy. See more of Owen’s stunning work here.

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