This is the set of the year so far for me. Live from the Boiler Room Berlin, David August takes us on a journey through deep space. We start with a dreamy building soundscape that quickly develops into a jaw-dropping … read more

witnessthis_what would you bring_brian sokol-7

Imagine that you were forced to leave your home and could only bring one thing with you. What would you bring?Brian Sokol photographs Syrian refugees with the one thing they brought with them from home. A honest reminder of how … read more

Spirit Fingers_Witness_This

I asked a handful of friends a very simple question yesterday – “First thing that pops into your head – what do you think is super underrated?” The answers were interesting, weird, nonsensical and generally awesome. I giggled, I judged, … read more


I came across Elena Vizerskaya‘s photo manipulation art last year in this article on Daily Art, and it’s hard not to fall in love with it if you have a weak spot for dali-esque surrealism.Her work approach is playful – … read more


Written by Philipp Vogt.Images courtesy of Symbols Of The West.—In 2010,I was on a backpacking trip around the world, crossing from Asia into America, and San Francisco was my stopover en route to Costa Rica. I had planned to stay … read more


Images courtesy of Philipp Vogt and Shelley Pellegrin.—The air is filled with a blend of cigarette smoke and incense as I step into the studio rooms ofMarc-Alan Gray that are residing within the public-bath-turned-night-club halls of STATTBAD in Berlin Wedding.The … read more

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Eerily beautiful, midway between Norway and the North Pole, Svalbard discovered by the Norse as early as the 12th century literally means cold shores. See more fantastic images from Chicago based photographer Reuben Wu here. read more


title photo credential: Sel Dizman via ART BERLIN,all other images courtesy of the artist.—Good news: the artist you are about to witness is one to remember.Bad news: a blog is by far not the right medium to experience the art … read more


Photocred: Anna Mascarenhas via thump Brazil—Electronic music in Brazil is coming of age. The electronic label Domina has just released Manara‘s debut album IHNTERACTIONS, and if you like experimental electronica this might be just your thing. They say: House and … read more

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This country enjoys a long history of desperate parents seeking to entertain their little ones by bringing them to sit on the laps of costumed strangers. Right on point with our “Creepy Santa” post a few years back, we’ve compiled … read more


Ryan Schude is a Los Angeles based commercial photographer with a refined style that pushes the limits of photo realism. His moody, meticulously staged scenes are reminiscent of works by the great Gregory Crewdson with multiple narratives that the viewer can translate in … read more