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Words & interview by Philipp Vogt.
Images courtesy of Katrin Rodegast.
“Made of what?” is a quite common reaction from people who witness Katrin Rodegast‘s work for the first time.
Katrin is a Berlin-based paper artist. Her work shows such a passion for the detail that it immediately caught our eye. But her talents go far beyond paper – ‘tactile illustration’ is what you call Katrin’s profession when she is not doing free artistic work.
Her work displays an enormous read more >

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No Love is a collaboration between New York twin design-duo Dee & Ricky and Daily News Project which was founded in 2014 by Toronto-native brothers Guillaume and Alex Viau.
They say: Luxury with an avant-garde outlook – inspired by fashion, art, design, and culture.
We say: Clean and to the point. Not a massive line but their message is strong and the brand feels on trend. Love the playfulness of the lookbook as we see too many street brands read more >


Nicholas Routzen has been shooting New York for years and it shows. His appreciation and love for the city spreads thick, from fashion week to snowy streets. I spent an evening with Nicholas cruising Williamsburg and his favorite drink spots and quickly found how much he lives in a world of details. Every cocktail is dissected and a meal doesn’t go down without sophisticated critique and appreciation.
Nicholas is a busy man these days spearheading Salt & read more >


They Say: New Zealand’s Shocking Pinks, AKA Nick Harte, burst onto the scene in 2004 with the seminal dance pop record Dance the Dance Electric, which shared with the world Harte’s peculiar brand of uncomfortable dance punk intimacy. With dirty lo-fi production, sweet melodies, and unexpected aggression, Harte channels the demons of obsession and emptiness into darkly lyrical art.
We Say: A genre bridging album that breaks any confines of stereotypical low-fi. Tracks like What’s Up With That Girl read more >

miami horror_witness-this.com01

words by Dersu Rhodes photos by Dean Bradshaw
I saw Miami Horror as a bunch of Aussie’s that lived to get loose and specialized in fueling the best dance parties on earth. After meeting up with them in Silverlake, Los Angeles for an afternoon photo shoot, I quickly realized that there was much more to these guys then summer festivals, dream synth, and skinny jeans.
We are late for the shoot as it takes us 45 read more >


Joana Faria is a Brazilian illustrator with a unique focus.
The main protagonists in her pen(cil) world are skinny ladies with big eyes and oversized eyelashes. These characteristic feats can’t help but to be evocative of Tim Burton’s animated heroes of Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse Bride which is, well, not the worst of a reference, I’d say…
I love the playfulness in her style. Her drawings are a fun and cheerful world to dive into, and read more >


Words & interview by Philipp Vogt.
Image courtesy of Shot By Andres.

Do you know those nights? Those nights that, like a rare butterfly, you can catch maybe once every five years if you are lucky?
When you walk into that party… and you hear the first beats of the music. You look into the first couple of smiling faces. You can almost TOUCH the vibes and the connection. And there is this one moment when you know (you read more >

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AJ is a freelance artist who’s art is largely inspired and informed by surrealism, as well as psychedelic poster and album art of the ’60s and ’70s. We were sent his work as an artist submission and were immediately drawn to his collages and illustrations as they seemed to speak of a raw study of religion, sex, culture and sea creatures.
I am equally interested in prehistoric cave paintings and religious artwork and architecture of all cultures. For read more >