Slower Expectations doesn’t lower expectations by any means. Christoph Woerner, responsible for one of my favorite sets of the year has just released a follow up set that is a little more down-tempo yet doesn’t lack detail and keeps you … read more


Words & images by Kathryn Hayes“Have you ever photographed yourself… naked?” had become a common question. Ironically after first entering the space I’d be renting for the summer, I couldn’t seem to ignore the image of a figure lit … read more


—KINKID has been pressing some buttons in his spaceship again in one of his nightly jam sessions, and this is the beautiful result.Tune in and let KINKID take you on a beautiful, deep emotional journey.Peace out to all our alien … read more


We arrived at the shop early in the morning as the first light entered the room. Dust particles danced through sunbeams as we began to move items around the space, debating wardrobe and the shot sequence.Nick entered and listened to … read more


Sebastian Porter is yet another DJ from Berlin who has put together a set to kick off the week just right. Porter’s background was finance, but upon discovering his musical genius, he found himself in Berlin producing and playing at … read more

Carl Warner

We all know planet DUNE. Here comes planet NUDE.Carl Warner shows us what you can do with naked bodies. And he’s doing it without being pornographic or even explicit. I’m loving the creative approach in this. It’s fresh and unseen.Carl … read more


photocred: anitta boa vida, demian jacob, album cover art by sliks—KINKID is Jose Hesse from Rio de Janeiro.His album ‘Colorine’ is the second installment of Rio-de-Janeiro-based newcomer electronic label DOMINA, following up on the debut of Manara that Witness This … read more

Dandy Diary

– words, translation, title pic & cheese platter by Philipp Vogt –—“I love riots. I mean, I am not partaking in fights. But I love the adrenaline rush of being in them – second row, yelling”, David laughs. He’s sitting … read more