Kadavre Exquis

Kadavre Exquis is a Paris-based designer and animator. He caught my attention with two animated clips he supplied for French pop artists EQUATEUR.Animated futuristic sci-fi worlds paired with a score of electro-pop love ballads already convinced me back in the … read more

Julien Rivoire

Julien Rivoire represents the new generation of internet artists. He’s a french Art Director and graphic designer based in Lyon, France. His works are spanning from design to internet animations to installations and video. Julien seems influenced by movies, minimalistic … read more


NOSTALGIA made my day. It’s a powerful short film that can be best described as poetry in motion. And it’s been the first in a while to give me goosebumps.Words would fail and do more damage than good here. I’ll … read more

Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore is the most impressive abstract contemporary artist I’ve come across in a while. While I spontaneously associated the kaleidoscopic aspect in his work, another interesting reference I found quotes his art to be “visually acoustic, his often complex … read more

Kilian Schönberger

Kilian Schönberger is a landscape photographer that roams the hills and forests of Central Europe in search for the perfect location. His goal? To find real life backdrops that could be the setting for the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales!“I think … read more

endless summer

—‘Endless Summer’ is a straight-forward Californian fashion short clip. Starring model Denise Schaefer, Applebaum uses the full arsenal of camera gadgetry to create the erotic appeal of a modern fashion shoot. The result is full frontal sexuality in awesome photography.Director … read more

Rorschach photography by Piranda_tree_670px

Mat Piranda has blown us away with a stunning Rorschach Photography series. His art simulates nature in perfect symmetry. To achieve that Piranda uses a simple but effective method to mirror his images along the vertical axis in post-production.The term … read more

jeeyoung lee

Since 2007, JeeYoung Lee delivers photography that captures the invisible. Her stunning works are a mix of installation, theatre and tactile art.All of the works you’ll witness below are built in her 3 x 6 m studio in Seoul. One … read more

Joachim Spieth DJ

words & interview by Alex Kralikas, photography by Saskia Uppenkamp.—15 years is a long time to be involved in any fast-moving industry and after such a long time anyone that lasts that long can almost always be relied upon as … read more