photocred: anitta boa vida, demian jacob, album cover art by sliks—KINKID is Jose Hesse from Rio de Janeiro.His album ‘Colorine’ is the second installment of Rio-de-Janeiro-based newcomer electronic label DOMINA, following up on the debut of Manara that Witness This … read more

Dandy Diary

– words, translation, title pic & cheese platter by Philipp Vogt –—“I love riots. I mean, I am not partaking in fights. But I love the adrenaline rush of being in them – second row, yelling”, David laughs. He’s sitting … read more


Girls fashion has to hit me hard in order for me to really see it. Rachel Comey’s newest line is bold, edgy, and tasteful all in one punch. Great inspiration for prints and material as well. read more


This set is fucking incredible. I can’t thank Kassel, Germany born Christoph Woerner enough for mixing one of the most brilliant sets I’ve heard. Mixed for Klangextase, this set manages to dance amongst the heavy hitting minimal house that we … read more


Chapter is from Costa Mesa, CA but you’d think they materialized from the workshop of an Eastern European/deep underground Tokyo fashion guru. Komplett in schwarz is what they say in German, all in black is what the people want, so … read more


—Milk The Goat is a Bali-based beachwear and jewellery label.Blended with ‘California pin-up hippie’ spirit and an ultra-relaxed attitude, MTG is designed and cut to give female curves the perfect shape, drawing elements from different decades such as high waist … read more


Interview and words by Greg Bevis“Obviously I love Justin [Vernon] and his music, but I feel like the comparisons are generally a result of lazy journalism. ”I catch Tim Bettinson from Vancouver Sleep Clinic as he’s being driven to … read more


photocred: PRENTICE DANNER—Let me make this quick by giving you three reasons why Sage Francis is one of the best contemporary hip-hop/rap artists walking this earth:1.He’s a poet, not a rapper. And his talent as such is just unbelievable.2.He’s one … read more