Interview and words by Dersu Rhodes

I walk briskly down a street that has a sign I cannot pronounce. When I ask my friend Erik, my guide to the city who walks beside me, how it’s said in Swedish he sounds like he’s singing, Alderbethsgatan. It’s so damn cold in Stockholm that it’s hard not to speed walk, and I now know why every person in Sweden is so fit, I can feel myself growing thinner as my read more >


December means dinner parties and fancy cocktails, getting all of your favorite people together in one room, spending too much money on the ingredients for mulled wine stumbling home hours later – bellies full and hearts filled with a deep sense of gratitude for those incredible people in our lives.
Tested this one out at nice little social hour at my place over the weekend and I must say, it has some real gems. As 2013 read more >


Words by Philipp Vogt
It was a warm spring evening in 2011
and I was returning home from the supermarket in Berlin Mitte when a young guy on a bike with a huge backpack and a proportionally huge smile stopped next to me.
“I’m a backpacker from Oslo, in town for a couple of days, and my idea is to ask random people from the street if I can crash on their couch. Every night has to be a read more >


Words by Philipp Vogt
Dani Garreton lives in San Sebastián, Spain.
If you wanna find out why that seems to be an inspiring place, check out its Wiki page, where you can find stunning pictures like this one.
Her work is romance-laden, capturing a deep and respectful fascination for that magic blue world that accounts for some 70% of our planet’s surface: the sea.
Interpretations of classic oceanic motives are cavorting her art – The read more >

artful venture_witness this-5

Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.
-Pablo Picasso
We, at Witness This, strive to support artists (be it photographers, painters, directors, DJs, Singer/Songwriters, etc.) and introduce you; the readers, our friends, our collaborators and our inspiration, to the other genius minds out there. We come across some of the most talented people, and while doing so, we found two inspiring young women who completely embody the idea of supporting read more >

Mark Houle_WT-8

Being from Berlin, I am well aware of Marc Houle. He’s a staple in our music culture and in my opinion, completely underrated. So, when I heard that Lindsay was interviewing him, I was stoked to be able to experience his live show, something I’d heard about but never witnessed. His career goes back to the analog days of electronic music, which is exciting because he was an integral part of the foundation of the genre read more >


This series is a collection of black and white photographs from this past summer all taken within the confines of California (Baja California included) using various cameras. The images are meant to be a contrast to the saturated colors (golden rays, warm nights and glowing beach bodies) that are often synonymous with summer. It serves as a continuation and visual response to a post from two seasons ago titled California Winter in Black and White.
All images by read more >


words by Kari Hendrick photos by Iain Mckell
Stemming from the movement of the 60′s and 70′s (like all good things do), a group of hybrid hippie-punks started roaming the English countryside, hopping between festivals and coming together in likeminded communities of free radical thinkers. These young rebels abandoned the city for the country, meandering about in elaborately decorated horse drawn carriages. In 1985, photographer Iain McKell joined these nomadic craftsman for ten years on read more >

garlow printers_art_witnessthis-7

photos and words by Dersu Rhodes

Branding yourself can be a daunting task. For me, it’s taken years to finally sit down and design a type mark for myself, create an identity, and get business cards printed. Since I have moved to Venice, I promised myself that I would collaborate with the people around me in this new neighborhood and hearing about Sue Kaplan and The Garlow Studio from a friend, I reached read more >

Jory Lee Cordy Photography

Jory photographs everyone from his friends, to actors, to musicians. Chances are if you live in LA, or listen to music, or like stalking celebs, you’ve seen his work. The thing is about Jory, is that his photos of these types of people don’t feel flat or dull like the majority of celebrity photographers. I feel personality in his portraits and energy in his lifestyles. California looks alive and exciting and thanks to Jory, I felt inspired to read more >