DUVE Berlin

Every city has its centers of gravity. Those lighthouse people who attract the cool cats. Who create spaces for the scene to gather. Where the artists pool, and creativity connects. Alex Duve is such a center of gravity, and his hometown of choice is Berlin.

Leslie Ann O’Dell

Leslie Ann O’Dell is a contemporary artist who works in photography, fine art, and digital media.On her website she describes her style as ‘haunting’ and ‘mystifying’. Indeed, at times she gets really dark. Floral transformation is a repetitive element in … read more

Ricky Lesser

Ricky Lesser is a photographer and filmmaker living in L.A. who shoots all kinds of awesome content. He is comfortable shooting in natural light, studio settings, in the desert, or underwater.Ricky spoke about a series he was conceptualizing recently and I … read more

Lola Dupré

Welcome to Lola Dupré’s wonderful world of dadaism.The distorted protagonists of her collages are people, sometimes animals or objects. She varies her style from extending body parts to a degree of total deformation to imploding heads that seem to consist … read more

The Dusun Sessions

What is the result when international pioneers of the electronic music front gather at one of the probably least electronic places in the world – the Malaysian Berembun jungle?

Michele Durazzi

Michele Durazzi is an Italy-based visual artist. His portfolio includes sculpting, 3D CGI modeling, photography, and illustration.I was drawn to his art by some architectural studies I found on the web. “These images are the result of three-dimensional graphics processing … read more