The Sacred Science documentary

—The Sacred Science is a powerful documentation about plant healing.In the 75 minute film the story unfolds around eight people suffering various diseases – including diabetes, alcoholism/depression, Parkinson, cancer, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome – on their voyage into the Peruvian … read more


Boise, Idaho’s The Dirty Moogs are channeling their inner robot. If you dig yourself some catchy as hell, upbeat, experimental synth pop – then you are in the right place. Check out their new video for the track ‘I’m Alright’ … read more

Dirty Dolores by Sebastian Porter

Sebastian Porter is one of our favorite Berlin electronic music DJ affiliates. He is releasing his latest work ‘Dirty Dolores’ on Yellow Tail Records today.The four track EP contains a David Keno remix, and collaborations with Jazzil, cellist Thiemo Niggemann, … read more


photographed by Saskia Uppenkamp, written by Philipp Vogt.—“Wow, dude, I have never seen a top hat as beautiful as that one… it’s perfect. What is it?”Whenever you hear somebody ask that question at one of the cooler venues or festivals … read more

all the beautiful girls_vol016-7

We don’t need many words to announce our regular pin-up collection. These are simply our favorite beautiful, erotic, classy ladies on the web. Curated with love from our tumblr sources of trust.All The Beautiful Girls Vol 016 collection.Photos from Damien … read more


What does it sound like when (the artist formerly known as) Puff Daddy and Guy Gerber get together for an electronic jam session and record an album?Well, now you can find out. The result is pretty impressive, happy listening! read more

senhor PRUDENCIO_style_witness_this-2

Senhor PRUDÊNCIO is a Portuguese menswear, footwear and accessories label. For their latest season they teamed up with Rita Roque and created a fantastic set of images showcasing their incredibly diverse mens line. Collage has been trending for a while … read more

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

Wise words from the buddhist nun Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo on the nature of true love. Read on below for some facts about this interesting woman.(Oh, and don’t be intimidated by the Portuguese lettering in the video, she speaks in English.)Jetsunma … read more

Cameron Gray

written by Philipp Vogt—Of all digital art none has managed to touch me as much as the one of Cameron Gray has.I came across his digital artworks browsing the web during an Ayahuasca experience in Brazil, and it touched my … read more

gadir rajab_witness this-3

Australia makes weird shit look good once again. It seems that the Aussie’s have obscurity on lock down. When I try to take photos of people in Nascar shirts, it looks like a redneck high school project, but when Gadir … read more

Sean Pineiro

—by Alex KralikasSean Pineiro just recently released his debut album, Saved Once Twice, on Cologne-based record label Ki Records. Sean’s music is down-tempo, sample-based electronic music, which Ki Records praised for its complexity. In fact, it’s the complexity of Sean’s … read more