Our ears recently thanked us for coming across Portico. Their first EP leads us through a riff laden, dreamy vocal spread that is hard not to enjoy. Softly, Dear has a very ‘Wisconsin’ sound. Portico is the debut effort from this Eau Claire-based band, who formed late summer 2012. After brewing for a while, it’s ready to breathe. Softly, Dear is made up of Tyler Hart, Josh Frederick, Alex Adkinson, Ben Possi and Addie Strei read more >

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Top Less_WT

Vancouver’s Top Less is really damn good at creating a buzz. Repeatedly selling out local venues over the past few years and well-known for the sweatiest, glitter infested dance parties this city has to offer, the band is now set to release their very first full-length album and it’s causing quite the stir. Surprisingly though, these guys (and a gal) have yet to really break out outside of their local sphere. This album is intended to read more >

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The band East of Ely from Sydney Australia is set to release three singles over the summer and so far they are killing it. The first single, Easy Friend is something to celebrate, and if it’s an indication of what’s to come, we are in for a treat. Listen below, and download for free for easy addition to your summer playlist.

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Musikalisches Strandgut essentially translates to: music that is swept to the beach and remains on the beach because the sea has brought it there. SystemFEIND aka MRschlott brings us a vibrant, motivating soulfoul, happy mix, laden with deep house rhythm and vocal hooks that will most surely get you moving at your desk or singing along. Play it all the way through and then head on over to MRschlott’s soundcloud to download the read more >

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Yesterday, we posted a series of photos by photographer Robert Frank. Within the series of photos, we mistakenly featured a photo of a young girl, about fourteen, holding a cigarette. This famous photo, named “Candy Cigarette,” belongs to Sally Mann. (Thank you, for those of you who caught it)
So here we are, yet again (although even more stripped to the boney skeleton and unlike anything else to this day) staring into the eyes of the lonely, read more >

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by Kari Hendrick
Cocksucker Blues is one of the most notable documentaries ever made about the Rolling Stones by photographer/filmmaker Robert Frank. It captures the drunken horizons of real life on the road in 1972; late nights and early mornings, filled with drug use and group sex. After the film was made, Jagger argued with Frank that the show wouldn’t be allowed to air, and if it did, they most definitely wouldn’t be allowed back into the United read more >

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