It’s easy to write off something different. Growing up with a name like Dersu in Montana wrote me off as strange right off the bat, and I spent a big part of my middle school being the target of endless heckling. In a place like Denver, Colorado, Tikwid could be seen as the odd kid out, however when you begin to get to know what the brand/store represents and the cultural influences that permeate the shop, it doesn’t seem so peculiar and actually starts to get positive attention (on and off the playground).

I’ll let the pieces speak for themselves, just know that each brand has a story and is as rare as they come. Make sure to check out the online store or pay them a visit in Denver.

















Eli Thomas who makes music under the name Balue is one of the standout bedroom artists of this year.  Residing in Denver, CO he is a one-man hit factory – creating a vivid, surfy summer dream-inspired collection of songs. As with other bedroom acts, the themes of youth and adventure play deeply in Worry Toobs and Paradoxical Intention, two stellar releases that both came out this year.  This is lo-fi perfection and we’re right next to Eli soaking up the sun on the beach with a tasty beverage in hand watching the waves roll in.

Youth I don’t know what you are anymore 
Youth I don’t know what comes next or what’s in store 
Youth I just hope that you’ll meet me down on the shore 
Youth that was the place that you and I did adore 

The waves are like opiates 
Like ultimate pleasure 
They hit my face like opiates 
If I open it, what a treasure

I don’t ever want to grow up 
I don’t want to give up my drugs 
Like movies, and music and traveling gets hard man

– from Youth Waves



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Shhh…don’t tell anyone: Eli Thomas is not from the coast.  From listening to Worry Toobs, his lo-fi surf offering under the name Balue you’d never know that he hails from Denver.  His leisurely distorted guitar and sunset sweet lyrics perfectly capture the essence of the beachy coastal lifestyle.  The album cover works great for Eli and Balue, giving a double exposure photo nod to the surfy life while staying in the Denver saddle.

Stream the album below and download Worry Toobs for a pay what you want price.

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Jack of all trades, master of none.  This expression has no pertinence to Dillon Morton as a young artist, designer, DJ, and clothing line owner.  Originally from Portland, Dillon is now a Colorado resident attending the University of Colorado at Boulder.  I came across Dillon’s designs because he did the cover artwork for Flashlight’s EP which was featured last week.  I sent the link to his site over to my Denver friend, Ryan, who in true scene fashion said “That’s my homie fool.”  What a small, marvelous world it is.  His artwork is sophisticated and elementary, clean and sloppy.  His designs are relevant yet more advanced than the other album artwork (this isn’t simply putting text on top of a photo) out there right now.  His music has a great electronic energy and I’m LUSTing for more, Ed Banger take notice.  Then there’s the clothing line.  When I think of it, this post could have been 4 separate posts.  That’s what our genius features are all about.  Dillon Morton is a Jack of all trades, master of all.



Music as LUST:

Download his 4-song EP Night: 1 EP and become a fan on LUST’s facebook.

Fake Diamonds Clothing:

Fake Diamonds Website and Blog.

I don’t know much about Denver’s Flashlights other than the fact that their soothing electro pop music would make for a great night starter or night ender.  Something about the beats and soothing vocals that help you transition your energy from high to low and back again.  Perfect for that intimate after-hours dance party or that long straight desert drive.  Lots of good stuff coming out of Colorado lately.

Stream from their bandcamp and download the two songs below:


New Hampshire

If you’re fortunate to be heading to SXSW see them here:

03.17.11 – SXSW- AUSTIN, TEXAS- EYE IN THE SKYE STAGE @ Shiner Saloon