It’s easy to write off something different. Growing up with a name like Dersu in Montana wrote me off as strange right off the bat, and I spent a big part of my middle school being the target of endless … read more

Balue: Paradoxical Intention

Eli Thomas who makes music under the name Balue is one of the standout bedroom artists of this year.  Residing in Denver, CO he is a one-man hit factory – creating a vivid, surfy summer dream-inspired collection of songs. As … read more


Shhh…don’t tell anyone: Eli Thomas is not from the coast.  From listening to Worry Toobs, his lo-fi surf offering under the name Balue,  you’d never know that he hails from Denver.  His leisurely distorted guitar and sunset sweet lyrics perfectly capture the essence … read more

Jack of all trades, master of none.  This expression has no pertinence to Dillon Morton as a young artist, designer, DJ, and clothing line owner.  Originally from Portland, Dillon is now a Colorado resident attending the University of Colorado at … read more

I don’t know much about Denver’s Flashlights other than the fact that their soothing electro pop music would make for a great night starter or night ender.  Something about the beats and soothing vocals that help you transition your energy … read more