Stemming from and residing in a place of presence and connectivity with others, this mixtape is meant for the morning after the best times are had in a collective group environment. The remnants of last evenings festivities fresh on the brain, but the focus of the present days adventures on the heart. Residual Glitter is delivered to you by the boys formerly known as Fresh + Sunny, now Room Service. So put out the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and gather around all your closest buds because not only are we not finished, we’ve only just begun. Order UP. Let Room Service deliver it to you. Tips strongly encouraged.

artwork by Nik Atkins


Wake Up Everybody – Psychemagik
Bless the Rains (LNTG Epic Journey) – LATE NITE TUFF GUY
Bad Desire (The Dead Roses Company Remix) – Bruce Springsteen
Cool cat (Space Duke Russo edit) – Queen
Fly Away (Poolside Edit) – Laid Back
Beyond – Daft Punk (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
Retrograde (Finn Pilly Edit) – James Blake
Don’t Matter feat. Drianna – Cherokee
I Keep Forgettin’ (Sleazy McQueen re-edit) – Michael McDonald
Another Plan – Filipsson & Lindblad
Scribble Me This – Dara
Swept Away (New Jackson Remix) – The XX
Taking Over – Joe Goddard



Kenny Parmalee (78 and Sunny)

This mix was inspired by the 2013 Burning Man Festival. An amazing year that I will remember for years to come. My good buddy Dersu and I were lucky enough to play atop of Skybar, a 2 story high dessert night club. A truly unforgettable experience that was a highlight of this years playa jaunt. The tracks found on this mixtape made the Skybar rock and kept Salty Jack’s and the luxurious Gracey Pleasurebarge jamming all week.

Dersu Rhodes

One of my favorite musical moments of my life was found on the top of The Skybar. Ashot Petrosian, one of the creators of the bar, gave us the opportunity to play a late afternoon set in the most amazing setting. Built by hand in the days before The Burn started, we watched The Skybar come together from across the road as we built our camp. To be high above The Playa surrounded by our favorite people, playing the music that had touched us throughout the last year was really special. The place was packed, a full bar kept mouths from being dry, everyone was smiling, and as you can see from the photos taken by Nissa Rhodes, we all danced every second of the two and a half hour set.

Please enjoy the set below.







photos by Nissa Rhodes



Boiler Room is a soundcloud/youtube channel that hosts, records, and streams live the worlds best underground shows. Started in the UK and now in the last year expanding to Berlin, the 1.1 million followers of know what to expect, the most exclusive cutting edge music from the hottest underground parties. Whether it streams underground from a bunker in Berlin, a rooftop loft in London, or a private beach party in Ibiza, you can expect the acts that fill those venues to be unreal.

This special deep, minimal set by Tale of Us recorded in Paris in partnership with Nuits Sonores is one to most definitely listen to. I love the atmospheric voices of the crowd mixed in with the heavy hitting melodic drone of the one hour set. If you love deep house, you will recognize your favorite tracks woven through the hour. Long drawn out mixes and stealth DJ’ing make this set seamless and the hour will be over before you know it.

Stream the mix below on soundcloud, and then back it with the visuals from the Boiler Room Youtube channel below.


Written by Philipp Vogt


Nico Stojan is one of our Berlin based absolute favorites. He grabbed our undivided attention with After the Hour which is just one amongst hundreds of unbelievable sounds from this producer/dj.

Katerholzig liaised with Bachstelzen (a really crazy and BRILLIANT artist/DJ collective, you can find their page here on fb) and organized a very intimate techno festival in Garbicz, Poland, August 16th thru 19th. Bachstelzen are infamous for their decoration and light installations, creating surreal sceneries, for example placing two massive Chinese gongs around a camp fire in the middle of the woods.

The set was played by Nico Stojan in the after-hour on Monday, Aug 19th at the lake-side dance floor in the middle of a beautiful forest. The general consensus of the crowd was that it was enchanting. We are so very proud to share this special set, please enjoy.

▶ Falscher Hase - Rückblick (Dezember 2012) by FalscherHase

▶ Falscher Hase - Rückblick (Dezember 2012) by FalscherHase
A friend once told me that his grandfather’s favorite day of the week was Monday. He saw it as an opportunity to start the week out right and he truly believed the way in which he entered the office on Monday morning would set the tone for the rest of the week and that attitude was directly related to the way in which he lived the rest of his life. A true ‘seize the day’ character, he’d get up an hour earlier on Monday, put on his best suit and charge it.

After spending much of the weekend in front of my computer, it seemed only appropriate to share at least one of the incredible sets I came across while scouring the inter-webs. I like to force myself to stay on task for the duration of a set and thanks to these one-hour brilliant musical journeys, I’m able to sit down and get shit done when all of my friends are out frolicking in the sunshine.

May I present Falscher Hase – Rückblick (Dezember 2012). It’s a slow build but give it time and this set develops into a soft-spoken euphoric musical treat. Happy Monday. May this one help you set the momentum for yet another kick-ass week.

Peer Kusiv_WT_2

Peer Kusiv_WT_2
Peer Kusiv has a natural ability to transform a simple song by sprinkling it with his own unique blend of electronic super dust. His taste in music is impeccable. He extracts the catchiest pieces of a song and adds his own sounds to create a seamless track-the listener unable to decipher where his added elements intertwine with the original. A German producer from the Northern city of Kiel, Peer pulls from a variety of musical influences including a mix of classical, jazz, world music, dance and pop.

His 2012 debut album, ‘Nature & Techno’ is a lyric-less journey through eclectically influenced electronic deep house – it’s relaxed and emotional yet upbeat and optimistic. His new ‘Promomix 2013′ reveals a more mature, faster-paced version of Peer’s previous body of work. I check in on Peer’s work religiously, always sure to listen to the new tracks he posts and always looking forward to the next. Through his remixes I’ve discovered incredible new artists and tracks- The Passenger’s ‘Let Her Go’ and through his remix ‘She Said No’, the discovery of Israeli singer, Asaf Avidan, amongst other favorites.

We can’t wait to see where his path will lead him next and we are so honored to share a glimpse into the world of this young budding talent…

peer kusiv_wt

WT: When were you first drawn to electronic music and when did you start playing around with your own creations?

PK: Actually pretty funny because I was drawn to electronic music through Paul Kalkbrenner and my older brother. At that time I was producing Hip-Hop and thought electronic music was awful. Around 2008 I started making electronic music.

WT: Was there a specific point that you remember that it really clicked and you knew you were creating something special?

PK: No…I’ve been making music for approximately 10 years. Electronic music for about 4-5 years. It was a steady process for me. I’m constantly learning new things concerning production techniques. I know that I am producing music that can keep up in terms of sound but this development is beyond my wildest dreams.

WT: Do you have a favorite place you’ve played at or is there a specific setting that you’re drawn towards playing in?

PK: I was already and will play again a few times in Amsterdam. The Dutch are real Techno fanatic people. The parties over there are always something special. The organization, the line up and of course the crowd. They are really crazy over there and I am very much looking forward to my gigs in Amsterdam.

WT: I can imagine that your style is always evolving and this is an issue that arises with many DJs, but how do you manage to stay true to the music that you really want to play while also managing the expectations of the venues that hire you to play?

PK: Since the beginning I have mostly stayed true to the same kind of music. Of course I try out some stuff here and there but basically I adjusted little and stay with my style. That’s how I perceive it, therefore it is not difficult for me to play live because I play my own tracks. I am booked to play my sound and that’s exactly what the organizers and most importantly the guests get.

WT: You have an incredible ear for pulling tracks from a variety of different genres and remixing them with a very unique and distinguishable style…is it typically the song that inspires you or more specifically, is there a creative process that you seem to typically follow?

PK: First of all thanks a lot! Well now and then I search the internet for new samples with which I would be interested to do a remix. That’s the reason why the inspiration with my edits clearly comes from the tracks that I remix. With my own tracks the process is more or less the same. I start with a melody and then add audio track after audio track until I think it is enough for a whole track…then I start arranging the components which is pretty much a diligent but routine piece of work. So basically for me producing a track starts with a creative phase and ends with something that might be called “work”. However arranging the track doesn’t mean it´s a shitty job, it is of course still fun.

WT: What / who has been your primary influence and where do you seek out inspiration?

PK: I have to admit that I don’t listen to electro a lot and furthermore I don’t know very much about the scene. However I would say guys like Marek Hemman, Stephan Bodzin and of course Paul and Fritz Kalkbrenner definitely inspired me. My actual influence derives mostly from other music genres. My family listened a lot of classical music and jazz for which I am very thankful for because it provided me with a different view of music.

WT: What are you most afraid of?

PK: I think I am mostly afraid of death. Actually fear is exaggerated, I just think it would suck to die now because I still have so many things to look forward to and so much that I want to experience in my life. Alone in a forest at night…that’s where I would be most afraid. J

WT: Where are you headed next? Any plans for a N. American appearance?

PK: Munich, Zurich and Amsterdam are my gigs in April. Nothing is planned yet for North America but I would love to play a gig for you guys!

WT: Is there a place (specific venue or setting) that you dream about playing in?

PK: Yeah, New York City…that would be amazing.

WT: Have you set your sights on something, in any facet of your life for the future that you’d like to share?

PK: Stay alert, I am pretty sure many exciting things will happen this year and I am very curious to find out where my journey will take me…

Free download of Peer’s debut album, “Natur & Tekno” available here.

(images from


“Over time I’m sure the criteria will change here and there, but White Light will always be about night driving, introspection and taking the time to listen from start to finish – remember to always look into the light…”

Without a definitive plan for the evolution of The White Light Mixes, Vancouver-based DJs Neoteric & Matty C set out and created a few mixes and posted them to their site. The first few mixes caught on quickly through their fan base and it wasn’t long before friends wanted to be involved and it just continued to grow from there. Mixes include the creations of the C90s, RAC, Gigamesh and the collection now includes 77 mixes, all by different DJs and producers – each blending together to create a unique journey through the mind of its creator.

Each mix is essentially the creation of a ‘guest’ DJ or producer and they are all basically centered around one core theme: Night Music. They’re driven by the after-hours, that time in the night where your mind runs free and everything feels larger. That state of existence where ones ideas and feelings are all magnified, the possibilities endless. Each mix is strategically curated and the site is an overwhelming odyssey into countless tracks, new and old both popular and largely unknown. Get into the zone, explore and enjoy – there’s something here for everyone.

“The White Light mixes are, ultimately, about two things: music and space. Music first and foremost, as this series is a showcase of great songs, not tracks – songs and mixes you want to listen over and over again, songs that have depth and staying power, and most importantly songs that mean something to each other. Secondly, White Light is about space – giving the music room to breathe – not a post-a.d.d. mix of everything trendy that can fit onto a mixtape, but one that’s paced to give each tune its shine, where the music is the focus and the mixing is an effortless complement.”


Listen to the most recent here:



We present to you NU, another Berlin based musical nomad who has pulled music from his travels as well as written, produced, and mixed his own music into a hypnotizing blend of deep, funky, melodic house. SOL, which we are featuring today is an over three hour set that takes us around the world through tribal arrangements, modern electronic blends, and throbbing soundscapes all blended beautifully together. Perfect for a slow starting Monday, this set will take you unobtrusively through the morning, right to lunch. It begins scattered with slow building beats flavored with the sounds of foreign voices, children singing, and eventually takes off around the world as we almost seem to follow NU’s travels.

Download SOL for free below from his soundcloud:


Today we are featuring the follow up to the two part series from Freshair.

Continued from Part 1:

Here is the completion of the auditory photographic work for myself for one year of my life. The first a compilation of individual tracks that I fell in love with over the year, the second a mixtape of some of my favorite tracks of 2012 blended together and released later this week. So, listen UP if it moves you and witness my 2012. If you dig, follow me to where it is always Fresh & Sunny, because that is where I’ll be going in 2013…

Stream the mix below from Mixtape or visit the mixtape directly here.

Freshair December Mixtape: The End of a Freshera by Fresh + Sunny on Mixcloud


Nicolas Jaar | Space is Only Noise | Witness This

While scouring through my library and pulling my favorite sounds of 2012, I stumbled upon Nicolas Jaar‘s debut album, Space is Only Noise, planning to include it amongst my list of top albums of the year. That is, if the album had actually been released in 2012. Actually released early 2011, I wonder to myself how is it that I managed to completely fall in love with everything this guy does yet hadn’t even heard any songs from his only album? I realize I had been listening to his stuff only through Soundcloud and not only had the the way I had been listening to music shifted dramatically but my own personal taste in music had also morphed to now include a vast catalog of electronic musicians.

Although this shift is far from unique, I can’t help but reflect on the rapid evolution of this genre of music. We find ourselves at the cusp of a completely new style of music that is developing so quickly that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with the slew of new releases, compilations, albums, sets, podcasts, collaborations and mixes from basement dwellers, DJ’s, producers and bands world-wide. As a music enthusiast, the space has never been so overwhelming and so exciting.

Amongst those leading the charge, Jaar created his own label (Clown and Sunset) three years ago, his U.S. appearances just this last year included Pitchfork Music Festival, Brooklyn Electonic Music Festival and Art Basel in Miami, to name a few. He tours the world playing at the top clubs and festivals and he’s just a 22-year old college kid.

Nicolas Jaar | Space is Only Noise | Witness This
Expectations being central to the enjoyment of many albums, I strongly encourage you to experience this one without preconceived notions related to any of Jaar’s previous tracks. This particular body of work is a soundtrack through outer space that explores uncharted territory that even Jaar himself is unable to define. Difficult to swallow in short doses, its depth is better navigated patiently. Reach for your headphones and if at all possible, I strongly suggest giving the album your full attention for the full 45 minutes from beginning to end. But if you are unable to lend yourself completely and would prefer to merely sample, “Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust” is a great place to start.

Initially seeking to decipher each sound, I continue to dive deeper and relax into the album settling into a state of serenity. Content to simply lie on my bed, eyes closed and listen with everything that I have. I can’t help but wish I could step into Jaar’s complex mind, so curious about the inner workings if his craft, to where it is that he travels to create an album of this magnitude. The ability to develop new sounds – organic noises found in our everyday lives combined with engineered synthetic creations. Joining offbeat, minor notes and seamlessly transitioning them into a brilliant progressions seemingly intended only for each other.


Another week is upon us and it can be difficult to get to the office Monday morning and get crackin’. We’ve sourced an f’in sick new mix to start Monday morning out right. No stranger to the DJ circuit, Hamburg based H.O.S.H. has spent the last 6 years touring the world and mastering the art of remixing, blending and splicing. Check out his additional 30+ tracks on his soundcloud – one of my favorites, this particular set builds slowly revealing a plethora of funky, unique elements to perfectly compliment that much needed Monday morning brew.

Image courtesy of


We got a phone call last week from The New Division that one of their favorite artists was coming to LA and that we should definitely check him out. They were referring to Slow Magic. The same Slow Magic that we had reported on several times last year and named one of the breakout musicians of 2011. Needless to say, we were stoked. Not only did he perform with Teen Daze (another favorite) on Tuesday at The Virgil, but we get to see him alongside The New Division and Fresh + Sunny this coming Friday at The Central. Buy tickets here and join us. It’s 5$. No brainer.

Slow Magic came and stayed with us in Venice for a few nights and we had a great time getting to know the guy behind the mask. Turns out, even though we dubbed him one of the ‘breakout stars of 2011′ he’s actually been playing music since he was 14yrs old. He also has multiple side projects happening that he’ll divulge to the world at some point, but for now, we don’t get to know too much about him. Why? Why the mask? Why the secrecy concerning who he is? Actually, it’s quite simple. It’s all about the music. ALL about the music. He doesn’t want his appearance or past work where he’s from or ANYTHING to get between what he’s creating and your experience with it.

A lot of people say his music suits the beach atmosphere. It conjures up feelings of a swirly breeze on your face, a bright kiss of sunshine, salt and sweat soaked skin or some sand in your flip flops. We couldn’t agree more. We laughed over dinner about the ridiculous genres of music (he doesn’t want to be pigeon holed although he knows it’s inevitable) and that his sound has been described as ‘indie electronic glo-fi.’ Personally, we love the term. His music and album art both are certainly glowing and sparkly. And he agreed that it’s also both ambient and driving, which we think is quite hard to do. The whole album is the perfect backdrop to any beach situation and we took advantage of the good fortune of living by one (a beach) and hopped on bikes to enjoy the day and discuss our love of music.

So where did the name Slow Magic come from? Turns out he’s a perfectionist. He takes his time, writes unhurried and deliberately, and makes sure the final cut is absolutely, well, perfect. After all of the time and energy spent on creating the music, the effect it has on people can be and hopefully will be magic. He says this from the front seat, pauses and then turns his head to look directly at me and says “Well, you know.” I do know. I know the feeling of music being magical. You do too. That’s why you’re still reading this.

One last cool thing we discussed (because honestly, we want to honor him and not divulge much) was his love of a good creative blog. Not just our site, but other sites continue to be instrumental in the success of artists like Slow Magic. He and his colleagues are beyond thankful for the exposure we give them and all we can say is that it’s definitely a mutually beneficial experience.

If you have the opportunity to check him out live, do so. He’s finishing up the west coast leg of his tour, going overseas again for some more shows and then hoping to do a full USA tour this fall. We hope so too. In the meantime, pop his album on this Summer whether you live on the beach or not. Either it’s going to be your antidote to the office (just close your eyes and pretend you’re not there) or it’s going to be the soundtrack to your sparkling glowing blissful breezy days in the sunshine. Popsicle optional.

–words by Lindsay Colip
–photos by Douglas Heine