christoph woerner

Our fresh Mix of the Month May 2016 is provided by Christoph Woerner from Kassel, Germany.

Christoph is a dear friend who is spearheading the German electronic music podcast KLANGEXTASE. Known to the scene mostly by its two-letter signature logo, ‘KX‘ boasts impressive 5 million+ (!) plays since its founding in 2008.

We are proud to feature Christoph in the mix on WITNESS THIS for your listening pleasures. Here’s some words Christoph sent along about the inspiration for this set:

I’m very grateful to contribute a DJ mix to the podcast series of my favorite blog. Massive thanks go to all artists and labels whose wonderful—and mostly unreleased—material I was allowed to use. This set is dedicated to my dear Anne, who more than anybody else knows what it means living with an electronic music enthusiast who can’t stop recording DJ sets in a non-soundproof living room. Love!” —Christoph Woerner

Nothing to add, I’ll let the music speak for itself…

TRACKLIST Mix of the Month May 2016, mixed by Christoph Woerner:

1. Harted – Garden
2. Crussen – The Lambert Interpretation
3. Zone + Usif – Andeli
4. Nico Stojan – Blue Hour feat. Jaw (Markus Homm Remix)
5. David Hasert & Francesco Mami – Black Rocks (Miyagi Remix)
6. Douglas Greed faet. Kuss – Like Feathers
7. Kidnap Kid – Birds That Fly
8. Alexander Scharf – When Trees Collide
9. ILL-R – Tribute to R-Supernature
10. RLHBSLCN – Ziehesch
Outro: The Leftover, Kevin


christoph woerner

Follow Christoph Woerner on Soundcloud.
-Photo courtesy of Melanie Joos-

mix of the month april dersu - aro

Our fresh Mix of the Month April 2016 is provided by DERSU from L.A., California. Get ready for 60 minutes of melodic house. Free download available for you, too! Here’s some words Dersu sent along with the mix for the WITNESS THIS readers:

I feel so grateful to live in a city where electronic music is flourishing, and the opportunity to hear and play great music is growing easier and easier. This set is a thank you to all of the people who are supporting the music, whether you are playing or dancing. Thank you so much for listening!” –DERSU

TRACKLIST Mix of the Month April 2016 compiled by DERSU:

Amen (Matthias Meyer Regrooved Mix)
The Finishing (Powel Remix)
Fridge Slap (Hibrid Remix)
Una Mattina (Original Mix)
Flight of Birds (Original Mix)
Ostinato (Patlac Remix)
If You Have A Doubt Ft. Overnite (Mario Basanov Remix)
Into the Jungle (Lonely Boy’s Remix)
Ephidrin (Original Mix)
Zweiheit (Original Mix)
Sareri Hovin Mernem Ft. Jivan Gasparyan (Duduk Mix)
Nhar – The Swallow (Original Mix)



– photo by Sabina Lindh

Sometimes a DJ set finds its way into my ears that fuels my nights, those nights that I spend reading, writing, curating, and being creative.

Lente’s latest set is such a piece of music, and we are happy to bring it to you as a free download in collabo with our friends at KENTAUR Podcast Sagas. This Oslo-based newcomer DJ who goes by the official name Linus Johansson was already praised by my fellow editor Nissa in a previous feature on WITNESS THIS.

His new downtempo, afterhour collection of electronic music makes part of our On A Quest For Legends DJ podcast series. And I have to add it’s one of my personal favorites of the series so far. Flawlessly mixed and curated it feels like a musical fairy tale, sending you to mystical places somewhere between Arabian Nights and your favorite Berlin techno dungeon.

I wish you are in the lucky situation to listen to this brilliant piece of music with a new-found love in the morning hours, or with a bunch of friends after coming home from an amazing night in the clubs.

Witness Lente in the mix for WITNESS THIS and KENTAUR Podcast Sagas.

TRACKLIST On A Quest For Legends Ep. 12 mixed by Lente:

01. Kning Disk (Andreas Söderström & Johan Berthling)- 30 grader November Theme
02. Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy — Parola
03. David August – Patria feat. Sissi Rada (Original Mix)
04. Mira & Christopher Schwarzwalder – Ayun (Ninze Remix)
05. Nils Frahm – Them (Bellville Reinterpretation)
06. Pupkulies & Rebecca – Saude (Acid Pauli & Nu Remix)
07. Georgi Kay – Joga (M. Rux Edit)
08. Finnebassen – Vi Nå (Original Mix)
09. 959er, Nomi Solo – Jenny (Original Mix)
10. Zebra Centauri – Ochsenfrosch (Original Mix)
11. Nachtaktiv – CDL (Original Mix)
12. Bedouin – Flight of Birds (Original Mix)
13. Hraach – Die Yaman (116 Deep Mix)
14. Kotelett & Zadak – Triphoria (Original MIx)
15. Kning Disk (Andreas Söderström & Johan Berthling) – Slut

On A Quest For Legends Arkadiusz

written by Greg Bevis.

Next in line for our electronic music podcast On A Quest For Legends that we bring you in collabo with our friends at KENTAUR Podcast Sagas is Arkadiusz, a young talent that we’ve already featured before as Mix of the Month.

Arkadiuz’s set does what all great sets do and tells a story from start to end. This mature and understated set is imbued with enough personality and character from its creator that by the end you feel like you’ve just crossed the desert riding shotgun with the DJ himself.

It isn’t striving for recognition or reaching for that self gratifying moment when the DJ drops the hit.  There are no big melodies or vocal hooks that make you high five your friends or laugh out loud, rather it maintains an introspective and cerebral tone that reminds you, right now, you’re on the DJ’s ride.

Arkadiuz starts ambient and lets rhythmic drones set the pace. He abstains from any melodies or recognizable vocals at first, then drops heavy brasilian drum breaks that would impress any Hip Hop DJ worth his wax. The first deep bass line clocks in at 15 minutes when we’re already well on our way into Arkadiuz’s inner monologue. Over the next hour and change we’re casually introduced to epic film strings, big pianos, female and male vocal hooks right when we need them, and enough ethnic percussion sprinkled throughout to keep things natural and organic between the heavy arp synths.

This set is a lesson in taste and timing, with the first and only classic build and drop coming in at the one hour mark. Arkadiuz masterfully weaves organic themes in and out to bookend the chapters of this story with a singular thread, from barking dogs to delayed pianos, we always come back to the source after taking epic detours into synth space.

This set requires an audience and a dance floor. The track selection and mixes are so alive and fluid that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t done in front of an audience.  I recommend playing this in your car, loud and over a long drive at night.

Follow Arkadiusz Soundcloud if you like his style.


TRACKLIST On A Quest For Legends mixed by Arkadiusz:
1. LL1205 SB – The Washint
2. Aaron . No Excuse
3. Kellerkind – Move Me [Joachim Pastor Remix]
4. Art Department – Catch You By Sunrise [&Me Terrace Dub]
5. Jaap Ligthart feat. Alice Rose – I Know Change (Show-B Remix)
6. Steve Huearta – Say It Wasn’t [Locked Groove Remix]
7. Magic Cacoon – Love Express [Re-You Remix]
8. Phil Kieran – Getting Away
9. Tobias – Heartbeat
10. Love Over Entrophy – Tonii [Dixon Retouch]
11. Andre Lodemann – Vehemence Of Silence (Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective)
12. Marc Romboy – Elgur
13. Boss Axis – Continental [Dka Remix]


photo credit: Peter Qvarth

Continuing on our quest for DJ legends we bring to you Crussen. Crussen is a Swede by way of Norway DJ/Producer who has that rare blend of technical skill and impeccable taste.

His sets and original tracks are approachable while entirely unique and cutting edge. His remix of “Theme for Namgar” stopped me in my tracks as something truly different from the zeitgeist of modern electronic music. His mixes have been my some of my all time favorites over the last few years, he appeals to music lovers spanning many genres – a Crussen set is perfect for so many occasions.

Crussen hears remixes in folk ballads and jazz standards and has the technical and musical skills to make it happen flawlessly and quickly. Listen to a Skype interview conversation we had with Crussen and his newest mix, our episode nine below.

Witness Crussen in the mix brought to you in collabo with Kentaur Podcast Sagas.

Follow Crussen on Soundcloud | facebook.
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Tracklist On A Quest for Legends Ep. 9 mixed by Crussen:

01 Nick Monaco – Maintenance Man
02 Steven Maff – Johnny
03 Rodrigo Gallardo – Vamos Mujer
04 Tribilin Sound – Bilongo Con Sandunga (Umoja Remix)
05 Rodrigo Gallardo – Agua de la Tierra (Nicola Cruz Remix)
06 *unreleased track*
07 Satori – Days Without You (Crussen Remix)
08 Lambert – Fagerhult (Crussen Interpretation)
09 Crussen – In-Am-É
10 Viken Arman – Lose Yourself
11 Majid Bekkas – African Blues (Luca Musto Remix)
12 Luc Angenehm – March Of Freedom (Dub Mix)


samsara-photo credit Hamid-Reza Koshmanzar-

Episode 8 in this chapter’s Quest for Legends, we’re excited to present, Stefanie Fehr (aka Samsara). A relative newbie to the scene, Fehr is completely unfazed by the growing number of DJs entering the scene. Learning to DJ less than 3 years ago, Samsara pulls from a deep love for the art, a deep sense of rhythm engrained in her soul from ballet, modern dance and belly dancing.

Samsara is quickly building a core following of fellow music lovers.

Enjoy the interview below and her newest mix brought to you exclusively by KENTAUR podcast sagas in collabo with WITNESS THIS. This mix is light and airy yet holds firm structure and complexity. She starts slow and subtly and unexpectedly takes to a place we had no idea we were going…

This mix is for writing, it’s for running, it’s for dancing, it’s for flying.

Witness Samsara in the mix for WITNESS THIS & KENTAUR podcast sagas.

WT: What are your goals this year?

Samsara: Well for me its always very important that I like what I do, so I can’t really say I have one goal… I love to DJ and I always look forward to new experiences.

WT: What’s your musical background?

Samsara: I danced intense ballet and modern dance for about 12 years. After that I continued with belly dance for more than two years. I’m sure the rhythm and the music has remained in my blood, especially the oriental one.

WT: Are there a lot of other women on the DJ circuit in Switzerland right now? Europe in general?

Samsara: Not as many as male DJs, but women are getting more. I’m happy about it. I think it’s good to have more variety, it gives a good mix.

WT: Do you feel like there’s an advantage – or disadvantage – to being a female in a male dominated industry?

Samsara: Hmm…… not really. In the end what counts is that the music that you play comes from your heart and that people connect with it.

WT: Are you doing music full time? Any side hustles or other jobs?

Samsara: I’ve been self-employed for more than 7 years as a beautician, and I started to DJ about two and a half years ago, so it’s great to combine the two.

WT: Thanks for your time and the great music Stefanie!


TRACKLIST On A Quest For Legends Ep. 8
– Subliminal – WhoMadeWho
– Shanti – MC Yogi
– Cosmic Flow – Maneesh de Moor
– Shaping our own Reality – YokoO
– Der Tanz der Glühwürmchen – Dominik Eulberg
– On Rainy days(Patlac remix) – In2Deep
– Ember ( blondish Remix) – WhoMadeWho
– Ayahuasca – Hermanez
– Illusions – Ciszak
– Faith Faktorm
– Rosas ( Constantijn Lange remix) – Viken Armin
– We mix at six – Dave DK
– Fade in – Dave DK

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nicola noir

Introduction and Interview by Dersu Rhodes

I’m not sure if the chills that ran up my back were from the howling wind that ripped across the playa, or the sound of Dikanda’s voice piercing the night. We had been playing on the top of Joule an Idaho art car, that had just picked thirty of us up for a journey deep into the night, it was its maiden voyage and the sound system rose to the occasion.

A girl leans forward, her face wrapped in a scarf, she says something but I can’t make it out above the rumble of the base and the sound of the electricity that crackles in the glowing trees of the art installation that we have parked next to. “Sorry?!” I yell.
“What is this song?” she screams back.
Nicola Noir, a producer from Switzerland!”

She looks at me, her eyes are tearing. She holds her hand to her heart and takes a breath in, completely moved by the music. For a moment time is frozen, it’s difficult to comprehend. We are all lost at sea, and the song Ederlezi remixed by Nicola Noir is our ship.

nicola noir_witnessthis_soundNicola at work.

I connected with Nicola before I left for Burning Man, I had heard his track featured in a Crussen mix and I wanted to know more about him and his music. The conversation has been incredibly positive and invigorating. Nicola Noir is an artist who is yet to take off, we’ve caught him at a moment where his career is building, but his ego is grounded and centered. We are so excited to be featuring his music and this interview and we hope you enjoy both as much as we have.

Listen to some of my favorites from Nicola Noir right here:

WT: What is your process for making a track?

Nicola Noir: When I make a track I don’t follow a certain process. Sometimes I get inspired by something unexpectedly. When that happens I go home after work, sit down and get on with making music. Most of the time I don’t really like the first loops I produce. Then I turn everything around and try something else. It also happens that I work on a beat for some hours but later forget about it. 6 months later I find it hanging around on my desktop. By that time I like it again and work it over till I have a positive feeling about it.

WT: How do you find inspiration for your music?

Nicola Noir: I find inspiration in other music of course but also in my daily meditation. There is so many different feelings we are confronted with and I like to talk about these feelings with my music. I listen to a lot of music and often I get inspired by certain elements of a song. Then I try to bring these elements into my music by reinventing them. I listen all kinds of music. From electronic, jazz, blues, to latin or asian music.

WT: What do your friends think of your music?

Nicola Noir: Many of my friends love music and listen a lot. Some of them are also DJ’s. These friends like my style and my tracks a lot. Friends who are not so much into music are usually more skeptical about my music. I think this is due to the reason that my music is not made for mainstream listeners. I like that. Since I have found my own style and only focus on music I really love I get way more positive and pushing feedbacks of my friends.

WT: Do you DJ as well? If you do, when you play do you play your own music?

Nicola Noir: Yes I DJ too. But my passion is to produce and really make music rather than playing it in clubs. I spend way more time in my studio than in clubs. But when I dj I also try to play some of my tracks. It’s a great feeling to see the people dancing and laughing while I play one of my tracks…

WT: What is one of your goals this year?

Nicola Noir: Actually it looks like I could release my first EP on a label this year. It’s not quite sure yet. But if this would happen I would have achieved my goal. It will be a very intensive EP with different music styles.

nicola noir_witness_this_sound

“Actively making music is probably still the time when I am the most creative. It is the sounds that help me to come into a state of pure concentration.”

WT: Where is the place that you feel the most inspired?

Nicola Noir: There is many places I can get inspired. Sitting in the train and observing is great. Or lying in my garden at home. Even when sitting on the toilet I have experienced inspirations. It can happen in the most common places… Actively making music is probably still the time when I am the most creative. It is the sounds that help me to come into a state of pure concentration.

WT: Who are you listening to that gives you the most inspiration?

Nicola Noir: Most of the musicians and producers I listen to are totally unknown. At the moment I am really into south american producers. I also have had good inspirations by listening to some of the big numbers in Jazz like Abdullah Ibrahim or Dave Brubeck.

WT: If you could have any movie playing while someone listens to your music what movie would it be?

Nicola Noir: I would play Lord of the Rings. My music feels melancholic and meditative. And I think this would match the atmosphere of the movies. The trilogy are my favorite movies!

ON A QUEST FOR LEGENDS podcast Just Emma

Just Emma photographed by Saskia Uppenkamp– Photography by Saskia Uppenkamp & words by Greg Bevis –

This week On A Quest For Legends we are pleased to bring you German DJ duo Just Emma.

Since 2012, Saskia and Alex have built a name for themselves through their prodigious and consistent output of podcasts, original mixes, and frequent tours of Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Germany. With releases on various European labels like Connaisseur, Katermukke, HanseHertz, and SuddenlyMusic, Just Emma now have a home on UnderYourSkin Records – a label they also own and operate.

Just Emma’s mix for this week’s podcast collabo with Kentaur is a masterclass in minimalism and melody. They blend eery and haunting soundscapes with mellow vocals to create warm and inviting but altogether unfamiliar spaces.

Saskia and Alex show restraint and excellent use of pacing as they oscillate between techy synths and instrumental builds to gently ease the listener into emotional and heart busting drops. It’s foreign and nostalgic at the same time, a skill that’s a testament to their maturity on the decks.

Please enjoy this week’s mix at sunrise if you can.

Witness Just Emma in the mix – brought to you in collabo with Kentaur Podcast Sagas.

Just Emma photographed by Saskia Uppenkamp

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atishPhotos by Steven Walter / Words by Greg Bevis, Dersu Rhodes & Nissa Rhodes

We caught Atish at a fascinating point in his career.

When we sat down with him in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, he hadn’t yet told his boss or his 11,000+ fans on Facebook that he was taking the leap and leaving his 9-to-5 gig as a programmer at Facebook, and allowing himself to dive fully into the world of producing and performing as an electronic music DJ full time.

Meeting an artist you admire can be an awkward experience. You show up, try to play it cool like it’s no big deal and then pray that you can think up the right things to say and don’t sound like an idiot. You also never know what you are going to get. The artist might not be in the mood to talk, or even had no idea you were coming so you feel like you are imposing the entire interview.

Meeting Atish for the first time couldn’t have been more different. We showed up and after a few moments of shy hellos the first few questions about music lifted any uncertain haze in the room and we all felt at home.

Atish is someone you could spend hours talking to. He’s acutely self aware and approaches music with an almost systematic precision, as if he’s a college professor dissecting and studying the habits and trends of the dance community. His love and commitment to the craft of DJ’ing was inspiring, offering countless pearls of wisdom and insight as both a performer and audience member.

Tune into our fresh Mix of the Month July – mixed by Atish, premiering exclusively on WITNESS THIS. We also invite you to enjoy our favorite moments from our conversation with Atish below…


Mix by atish –


Conversation with atish –

Atish is currently touring Europe and Middle East. Witness him live at one of the following gigs:
July 4 – Unleash, London
July 6 – Sisyphos, Berlin
July 10 – Suma Beach, Istanbul
July 19 – Naturklang, Zurich
July 25 – Garten, Beirut
Aug 1 – Nuba x Syncretique, Paris

You can follow Atish on his facebook page | Soundcloud.
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UPDATE***TRACKLIST Podcast “A Swan’s Song”:
Daniel Dubb – Breathe (Intro) [Rejected, 2015]
Boddhi Satva – Mama Kosa feat. Kaysha (Atjazz Astro Dub) [Offering Recordings, 2015]
Savvas – Running Out Of My Heart (Yigit Atilla Remix) [Ready Mix Records, 2015]
Cipy – To Many Wishlist [Your Fifteen Sexy Heel, 2012]
Tamere – Schwing Din (Marcelo Nassi Remix) [Epoque Music, 2011]
Doubtingthomas – The Long Way Round (Koljah Remix) [Organic-Music, 2012]
TVA – Bold [Amam, 2015]
Polder – Hedwige [Amam, 2015]
Tred Benedict – Treefrog [Highgrade Records, 2015]
Samu.l – Bella Mattina [Nite Grooves, 2015]
Eddie Niguel – Solitude [Dig Deeper, 2012]
Colder – Turn Your Back (Patrice Baumel Remix) [Not Available / Bataille, 2015]
Einmusik – You feat. Jonas Saalbach [Einmusika, 2015]
Andrea Oliva, Jimi Jules – Cloud 9 [Objektivity, 2015]
Chaim – Escape Velocity [Rumors, 2015]
Benotmane – Cross Hands [Stil Vor Talent, 2015]

Room Service Sounds of the Sand

Summertime is nearly upon us. June gloom is in full effect, but we find that music helps us shine right through it. Join us on a sunny day in Berlin or a coastal Californian dreamscape with frosty beverages in hand, enjoying life’s simple pleasures. True friendships, beautiful landscapes, the sand in your toes, the sun on your face and most importantly…the best music. From our vibe to yours, dig in and order UP.

Artwork by Elsa Kawai + Robert Chrisman

Cranes (Wolf + Lamb Remix) – Monkey Safari
Hero (Canson Remix) – Soukie & Windish
Fly like a Bird ( Till von Sein & Tigerskin Remix ) – Pitto
Drifting – Gab Rhome
Say Goodbye feat. Julee Cruise (LoSoul “She’s Homeless” Mix)
Walking – Nhan Solo, Dilby
Medicine Featuring Name One – Maxxi Soundsystem
What’s The Cure – Soukie & Windish
Vacaciones En Chile – Ilario Alicante
I Would Fly – Maya Jane Coles
Modulation Transfer Function (Be Svendsen & Monolink Remix) – The Micronaut

On A Quest For Legends Episode 4 ZeitlupenUWE_cover

ZeitlupenUwe_X_WitnessThis_SUP7974Photography by Saskia Uppenkamp

For our podcast series ON A QUEST FOR LEGENDS we are still scouting and interviewing our favorite underground DJ talents. Some of these interviews are done over the phone, a rare few are done in person but most are done through email.

Often we don’t even see any photos of the person being featured before the feature gets put together. The result is a collaborative effort – varied perspectives all working together to portray a complex, talented, multi-faceted individual in a way that’s genuine and true to who they are.

My email convo with ZeitlupenUwe, aka ‘Martin’ is an honest, open and humorous interaction made only more entertaining due to our slight language barrier. Each question resulting in many more – each answer only shedding light on Martin’s personality.

I learned that Martin has 16 years on the decks, he’s Berlin born and bred, and creator of Berlin’s “Open air to go”. His sets are notoriously mellow, he pulls from 70’s soul and funk – the guy plays what he wants. Martin is most afraid of smoke-free clubs, loves Cola, joints & his girlfriend.

Enjoy his mix he put together exclusively ON A QUEST FOR LEGENDS – our podcast collabo with the boys at KENTAUR Podcast Sagas. And read on below for the bespoke interview.

Tune into Episode 4 of ON A QUEST FOR LEGENDS – mixed by ZeitlupenUwe.

WT: For us ‘English’ speakers, where does the name ‘ZeitlupenUwe’ come from? What does it mean?

ZeitlupenUwe: The correct translation is SlowmotionUwe, years ago I worked with a very slow guy and so we called him “ZeitlupenUwe”. It was the perfect name for my slow-motion project because it described the style so well.

WT: When you say ‘slow-motion project’ – are you talking about your DJ project?

ZeitlupenUwe: Yes, ZeitlupenUwe is not my first DJ name…at the beginning I called it a ‘project’…

WT: Did you have one particular moment when you realized you wanted to be a professional DJ?

ZeitlupenUwe: Maybe in the future.


“Play what you like, know every second of your tracks, and loops are dirty little helpers.”

WT: I hear you’re involved in “Open Air to Go” – what is that?

ZeitlupenUwe: An Open Air for everyone who can use a radio… after many parties that caused trouble with Police and the law – this is our way to work around these problems.
‘Open Air to Go’ basically involves throwing parties in public spaces – where people bring their own radios (totally legal) and tune in to the DJ’s playing on site.

WT: Are you ever afraid before you start a live set? If so, what’s your biggest fear when you’re on stage?

ZeitlupenUwe: Every time, I’m very nervous. But my only fear is technical problems, and I’m afraid of non-smoking clubs. Normally, I don’t drink, so smoking is important and gives creativity… 😉

WT: Is there something you wish someone would’ve told you when you were just starting out?

ZeitlupenUwe: Play what you like, know every second of your tracks, loops are dirty little helpers like sync.

WT: What’s something you’d like to do or achieve and haven’t yet?

ZeitlupenUwe: Play the perfect set.

WT: As an audience member, what’s the best show you’ve ever been to?

ZeitlupenUwe: Fusion Festival – Spirit of love, peace & harmony…

WT: Describe your studio and/or practice space…

ZeitlupenUwe: Sitting in row 2 @ Sqim’s Studio

I don’t know who Sqim is and I can’t imagine what sitting in row 2 at Sqim’s Studio would look like. Yet despite the most cryptic description of a studio I’ve ever read, I want to know more.

Checkout a glimpse of the “Open Air 2 Go” concept in the video below –

Follow ZeitlupenUwe on Soundcloud | facebook.
Follow OpenAir To Go’s website | Soundcloud | facebook.

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TRACKLIST On A Quest For Legends Episode 4 mixed by ZeitlupenUwe:
Teho – Union
Sailor & I – Sweat (DJ Tennis & Margot Remix)
Terranova – Labrador
Gabriel Anada & Maceo Plex – Solitary Daze
KiNK – Cloud Generator
Smash TV – Slayer
Reconidite – Levo
Agoria – Alluvion
Pachanga Boys – Time


Oskar E-Photography by Jonas Moss

Still ON A QUEST FOR LEGENDS, this week we’re honored to shine the light on the work of Oskar Embretsen, better known as Oskar E.

In one of our favorite mixes from 2014 for KENTAUR Podcast Sagas, Oskar E. took us back to the dark streets of the European club scene. His sets reminiscent of the darkest deepest chasms under the undergrounds of Berlin. His progressive trance and techno influences from his early career still shine through in his sets. Bathed in minimal electronic drama, his work is dark, gritty yet strangely optimistic.

With over 10 years of experience behind the decks, Swedish-born Oskar E. is easily one of the most technical Dj’s playing in Oslo’s club scene right now. Currently a resident DJ at Gudrun’s in Oslo, Norway, Oskar E. can be found playing weekly primarily in venues in Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Always a big smile on his face, he delivers eery, deep, dark, complex sets with an optimistic and positive vibe extending to his listeners. Pulling from a plethora of musical inspiration and styles, his sets are diverse and always a pleasure to listen to witness.

Witness Oskar E in the mix for ON A QUEST FOR LEGENDS… brought to you by KENTAUR Podcast Sagas & WITNESS THIS.

Oskar E
More from Oskar E. on Soundcloud here.
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