Mating Ritual

"I was raised on Ray Lynch, Enya, and Lorry Anderson, their music was very little drum work, all pads, sync work, and sweeping orchestral melodies." We sit across from Ryan Lawhon the genius behind Mating Ritual in his Los Angeles Arts District apartment. I watch his cat walk across one of his keyboards and imagine him as a 4 year old in Oakland Hills on the east bay of San Francisco, listening to his mothers records, in a blissful trance, his mind subconsciously logging every tiny detail of his favorite songs.

Christoph Woerner – 6KX @ ARM

This set is fucking incredible. I can’t thank Kassel, Germany born Christoph Woerner enough for mixing one of the most brilliant sets I’ve heard. Mixed for Klangextase, this set manages to dance amongst the heavy hitting minimal house that we … read more

David August – Boiler Room

This is the set of the year so far for me. Live from the Boiler Room Berlin, David August takes us on a journey through deep space. We start with a dreamy building soundscape that quickly develops into a jaw-dropping … read more

Camera Shy – A Witness This Mixtape

When I die,I want to fall in my bed exhausted,covered in scars,stories buzzing in my head,of memories and inside jokes,from a lifetime of misadventure.My broken bones barely healed,my weathered skin and matted hair,A body running on fumes.And I will lay … read more


Album artwork by Laura MckellerInspired by my move to Berlin and the time I spent lost in the city. There is no other place on earth that can evoke such a powerful, lonely, wondrous, state of mind. I lived for … read more

FM Attack – Deja Vu

FM Attack creates soundtracks to another era, his albums speak to another time and place in such a manner that I find myself gazing off into the distance, imagining myself ripping off down the road next to Ryan Gosling in … read more