I enjoyed the new Converse commercial/short film of Kenny Anderson (nicest dude and best style ever) nose-manualing from his home in LA to his hometown of Las Vegas.  But then it struck me.  This short film is basically an expanded version of the intro to his part in Adio’s One Step Beyond, a video which was released almost ten years ago in 2002 when I interned at the then-mighty Adio Footwear.  Except in that video he skates from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.  I thought the visuals in the new video were great as were the cameos with other members of the Converse team but I felt cheated and it undermined the genius of the commercial knowing that it had already been done basically.  Josh Stewart directed the Adio video as well as the Converese short film and Jose Gomez has worked with Converse before through his Shilo studio and was the Art Director at Adio Footwear at the time One Step Beyond was released.  Both videos posted below for your own take.