Boiler Room x Nuits Sonores: Tale of Us

Boiler Room is a soundcloud/youtube channel that hosts, records, and streams live the worlds best underground shows. Started in the UK and now in the last year expanding to Berlin, the 1.1 million followers of know what to expect, … read more


Image courtesy of news.sos48.comWhen we saw that Citizens! were playing at The Media Club here in Vancouver, we jumped at the opportunity to snag an interview with them. With a capacity of only 150, the venue is as intimate as … read more

Jai Paul

From London England, Jai Paul has just released another track with his label XL. Previously released BTSTU turned heads like mad, and now Jasmine feels just as good. Jai has proven to be as low profile as they come and … read more

Youth Photography by Cleo Glover

Cleo is a 21 year old photographer from London. I came across her work in Berlin and was instantly intrigued. Her photography is an honest glimpse into youth lifestyle without the cheese. Most of our readers have moved past the … read more

Django Django

Django Django‘s sound is as inventive as it is creative. It’s difficult to isolate their music to one specific genre – think Alt-J meets The Beatles infused with a little Hot Chip overshadowed by distinct flavor very much their own. … read more

I was shown the work of Louise Despont recently and I spent the next 45 minutes infatuated with her work. It feels as though I had come across undiscovered scriptures from another time, or better yet another world. Her work … read more

Chairlift is Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly. They recorded their album Something in between London and the back of an antique store in Brooklyn, New York. Our take is that Chairlift has created something special here. The meloncholy yet agressive … read more

It was crunch time this weekend, had a big freelance branding project due, and I wouldn’t have been able to put in all that time without the absolutely insane hours upon hours of music from The C90’s. Here’s their story, … read more

SBTRKT is a blend of electronic, funk, and old school soul.  SBTRKT began his career as a DJ in the east London club “Plastic People”. SBTRKT has remixed songs by artists including MIA, Radiohead, Modeselektor, Basement Jaxx, Mark Ronson and … read more

See the live broadcast as events unfoldEach features common would is reviewing before days felt lay is essays online that you can purchase cologne flyaways law school essay writing service it I. Dresser it. I’ve. Faithfully online teaching … read more

Is Tropical are a trio of young veil-faced Londoners that lay down some high energy electro dance music.  Their latest offering Native To, released in June, could easily be a non-stop soundtrack to any house party.  Despite the track “The Greeks” … read more

South London based Captured Tracks quintet Dignan Porch recently released Deluded, an eight track lo-fi gem.  The lyrics are honest and raw, mainly about the scorn and celebration of everyday life and romanticism. The sound is the perfect balance of … read more