“Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee in that annual autumnal beginning, as if last year’s mistakes had been wiped clean by summer.” – Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose

Inspired by shorter days, intimate gatherings and transitions felt both within and around us – this compilation remains playful and upbeat yet takes into account the tenderness of cooler weather, waning sunshine and longer nights spent beneath the sheets. Enjoy this September’s mixtape, KŌZĒ.

1.giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.
“A cozy cabin tucked away in the trees.”

Listen here:

Compilation by: Nissa Rhodes
Album art by: Dersu Rhodes
Image by: Théo Gosselin


Written by Philipp Vogt


Nico Stojan is one of our Berlin based absolute favorites. He grabbed our undivided attention with After the Hour which is just one amongst hundreds of unbelievable sounds from this producer/dj.

Katerholzig liaised with Bachstelzen (a really crazy and BRILLIANT artist/DJ collective, you can find their page here on fb) and organized a very intimate techno festival in Garbicz, Poland, August 16th thru 19th. Bachstelzen are infamous for their decoration and light installations, creating surreal sceneries, for example placing two massive Chinese gongs around a camp fire in the middle of the woods.

The set was played by Nico Stojan in the after-hour on Monday, Aug 19th at the lake-side dance floor in the middle of a beautiful forest. The general consensus of the crowd was that it was enchanting. We are so very proud to share this special set, please enjoy.



Musikalisches Strandgut essentially translates to: music that is swept to the beach and remains on the beach because the sea has brought it there. SystemFEIND aka MRschlott brings us a vibrant, motivating soulfoul, happy mix, laden with deep house rhythm and vocal hooks that will most surely get you moving at your desk or singing along. Play it all the way through and then head on over to MRschlott’s soundcloud to download the set for free! Happy Music Monday!


Todd Terje_WT
You’ve all had a few too many beers in the sun and you’re about to stuff your face with fresh food off of the barbeque. You’re slightly sunburnt, dehydrated, exhausted but you’ve never felt better. You’re enjoying that beer without a concern for what happens next. That’s when you put on this set.

It’s totally weird, unexpected and noticeably different. Spanning a huge variety of genres and generations of music, Todd Terje’s newest BBC 1 Essential Mix takes you through it all. You might not love every moment and there are certain segments you may even feel adverse to, but just when you might want to switch it off, the set switches gears and you’re hooked back in. You’re bound to connect with something hidden deep within it, making it all the more rewarding to hear it in its entirety. You can’t skip to the middle to hear it either – you’ve gotta let it play through the first second to the very last.

And if nothing else, at least let it play through the first hour and you’ll be rewarded with a style of remixing you may never have heard before. One hour and 59 minutes long, it’s a bit of a commitment but trust me, it’s well worth it. Without launching into a theoretical perspective on the future of music (and making really bold statements), this will mostly likely be it.

Listen here.



Eli Thomas who makes music under the name Balue is one of the standout bedroom artists of this year.  Residing in Denver, CO he is a one-man hit factory – creating a vivid, surfy summer dream-inspired collection of songs. As with other bedroom acts, the themes of youth and adventure play deeply in Worry Toobs and Paradoxical Intention, two stellar releases that both came out this year.  This is lo-fi perfection and we’re right next to Eli soaking up the sun on the beach with a tasty beverage in hand watching the waves roll in.

Youth I don’t know what you are anymore 
Youth I don’t know what comes next or what’s in store 
Youth I just hope that you’ll meet me down on the shore 
Youth that was the place that you and I did adore 

The waves are like opiates 
Like ultimate pleasure 
They hit my face like opiates 
If I open it, what a treasure

I don’t ever want to grow up 
I don’t want to give up my drugs 
Like movies, and music and traveling gets hard man

– from Youth Waves



Previous Witness This post on Balue here.


Another week is upon us and it can be difficult to get to the office Monday morning and get crackin’. We’ve sourced an f’in sick new mix to start Monday morning out right. No stranger to the DJ circuit, Hamburg based H.O.S.H. has spent the last 6 years touring the world and mastering the art of remixing, blending and splicing. Check out his additional 30+ tracks on his soundcloud – one of my favorites, this particular set builds slowly revealing a plethora of funky, unique elements to perfectly compliment that much needed Monday morning brew.

Image courtesy of mixmag.net


Everyday this world gets smaller and nobody is an island.  Cultures and trends once blockaded by vast distances and differences are no longer isolated.  Music is a fine example for what has truly become One World – people brought together by technology and joining movements based upon what sound they gravitate towards.

Bee Eyes, as a band from the Philippines shows the cultural reach phenomenon of trends.  From their location in Maze Mountain (sounds like an amazing place), which is actually metro Manila, they’ve shown that there is a scene which has adopted the lo-fi surf sound that I acquaint with bands like Beach Fossils, Real Estate and Wild Nothing. It’s a sound that has resonated in the western world for some time and it’s nice to see the impact it has had in the east.  Like a game of telephone the sound of Bee Eyes is very much the same but with a new message.

You can download Bee Eyes’ Honeymoon EP here.

Facebook here.

While you’re at it, check out Bee Eyes’ Idris Vicuña’s side project Eyedress.  He’s got a thing for eyes apparently.


Girls are suckers for accents, especially Australian ones.  Around here quite a few Aussies head over in a walkabout pursuit of the endless summer via the northern hemisphere.  Along the way they drop their beloved slang – arvo, lift, brekkie, g’day, boot, bottle shop, windscreen.  Girls eat that stuff up.  What’s funny  though when singing in the English language is that accents very rarely transcend a person’s voice in song.  So Fitzroy, Australia’s Wizard Oz sound like they could be from Southern California or Brooklyn (gasp).  Without the accent as a free pass to our hearts, they rely on their lo-fi pop to win us over.

Download Flashing Lights free here.

Download Flower Days free here.

Wizard Oz Tumblr.


Following the wave of rap resurgence led by Los Angeles based OFWGKTA and made coast to coast by A$AP Rocky comes another contender bringing back the raw energy to this genre’s 90’s strength and rescuing rap from how disappointing the past five years have been.  Putting the Bay Area into this same movement is Antwon (Antonio Williams) who hails from San Jose, California.  Using a similar raw talent no BS DIY style rendition of the 90’s mixtape that has been a launch pad for the aforementioned acts of late, Antwon’s Fantasy Beds Mixtape comes strong with his twelve song offering.  As it was released at the end of September of 2011 I don’t know how I slept on this so long considering that I could go for anything Clams Casino, Walsh, Javelin, or Salem.

Finally rap might just be about having fun in the streets again and we’ll finally get away from the 2000-2010 rap formula about cars, bling, name brand alcohol, and general clubness that was born from Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Records.

The latest video for the song Helicopter (prod. by Walsh) was directed by Brandon Tauszik and features spliced footage of the Bay Area from the 1968 American Classic, Bullitt, which starred Steve McQueen.  The song that Antwon raps over is Walsh’s Helicopter Does Not Exist from his September 2010 release Smoke Weed About It.

You can download the Fantasy Beds Mixtape from Antwon’s Soundcloud or directly from here.

Track List

01. Fantasy Beds Intro (prod. by Beautiful Lou) 01:26

02. 40 Bag (prod. by Barry Bones) 01:42

03. Lindsay Lohan (Prod by. Javelin) 01:50

04. Turn 2 Die (prod. by Clams Casino) 02:02

05. Confessions (prod. by Clams Casino) 02:18

06. Helicopter (prod. by Walsh) 03:56

07. Bretmicheals/Seanmicheals (prod. by Vague Taste) 01:28

08. Switch (prod. by Joob) 01:16

09. Your Best Friend (prod. by Wizdumb) 03:02

10. Skullkrush (prod. by Salem) 02:20

11. 40 Bag (C&S by Bad Slorp) 02:59

12. Darby Crash (prod. by Mr Aeks) 03:12

There is so much amazing music nestled in this gem of a find called Designers.MX.  How it works is designers from around the world submit mixes that they are feeling at the moment. They then post the  mix and design an album cover to company the sound and feel of the compilation. The result is an extremely pleasurable experience, “mixing” music + art + design.  What we get from it, is a ton of music for free streaming right to our computers. I had a deadline to hit Friday and relied on the mix for a solid 7 to 8 hours straight. Head there right now, sign in through Twitter and be on your way:




“When we were kids, this meant an hour later of playtime, of sunlight…of life. When we “grow up”, nothing changes. It is one of the few things that draws us back to youth. Music is another that induces memories of the past. I LOVE you music.

This mixtape was produced on the eve of Daylight Savings. Two DJs, thankful for the Spring and Summer months ahead and all the greatness that will come with it. Designed to compliment warm air and the alpenglow of the evening, this mix is special. Not only because we believe the tunes are dope, but because how it was made. Collectively, openly and with purpose.

So, be thankful for that extra evening hour of freshair and 78 & sunny temperatures because that is what it is all about. Remembering youth, innocence and bringing it to the present. Toss in this mixtape and take yourself to where it is always…”

-fresh & sunny


Never going back (Tom Croose Edit)  – Fleetwood Mac
Sermon (Serotonin Edit) – Mark Seven
New Life (Perseus ‘Summer of 83′ Remix) – Jeremy Glenn
At Home (Fusty Delight Mix) – Crystal Fighters At Home (Remixes)
Don’t Turn The Lights (Mirror People Remix) – Chromeo
Florida (Cosmic Kids Remix) – Princeton Florida [Digital 7"]
Crave You (C90s Remix) – Flight Facilities Crave You (feat. Giselle)
Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix) – Deee-Lite
Karate – Kennedy
Hurting (Tensnake Remix) – Friendly Fires
Sometimes – Miami Horror
On A Train (The Magician Remix) – Yuksek
Memorex – FM Attack

Was Right Been Wrong (Original Mix) – Fritz Kalkbrenner

Waking up early gray morning to palm trees caught in a serious wind storm I felt this fitting for a gray Music Monday. Solar Witcher is simple yet allows for complexity in the feeling it elicits upon being played. In a very abstract sense, I picture a music box that starts alone sitting on a window sill, then slowly it starts to spin and lift off of the sill, as it spins, colors and streams of light start to spin off of it.

Based out of Moscow, it was hard to find out much about this project except for Anton Govorin seems to do it all himself. Check out some very interesting mash-ups that fit well to the borrowed visuals. The first video for Touching Water is extremely beautiful and uses clips from Jordan Scott’s movie Cracks.

You can also hear more on Anton Govorin’s Soundcloud Page or you can download some of the tracks for free below. He also has a ton of amazing compositions that are perfect for a slow starting Monday, or a late evening of creativity.

Thank you again sincerely to our friends at Pony Dance Clyde from Berlin for their constant musical inspiration and for turning us on to this music. If you haven’t checked out Fanni, Linde, Jannica, and Julia’s site, head over right now to Pony Dance Clyde: ponydanceclyde.com