We have come across some amazing photographers living in Paris lately. Last week we featured Margot Gabel also from Paris, but today is all about another young photographer gifted with an eye for photography. Matheus Bonafe is brazilian but is living in Paris following his passion. He is only 19 yet it’s interesting how well he captures the elderly and more mature subjects. I sense an appreciation for simplicity in his work, and for time standing still. Those moments when it seems the city takes a moment to breath in is when Matheus presses down his shutter. Enjoy a few special photos from this talented young photographer.


Margot Gabel has been sent to us from Paris with love. She shoots with a maturity, not only in her compositions and the moments she captures but also with her process. “I just have one rule : never retouching my photos. I still indicate in detail what equipment and what film I used. I want to be honest, because digital photography isn’t.” The rules she has set for herself show in her work, and the audience is left with not just honesty, but spontaneity as well. 

Her work makes us want to travel, to be lost in Europe among the youthful energy of cobblestone streets, bus stops, and train stations.”I began film photography 6 years ago, & I have not stopped since ! I was only working with black & white films, that I developed myself in the lab of my art school in Lyon. Now I shoot with color film.” she tells us. 

Margot speaks as though she has been photographing for fifty years even though she is only twenty. Her comprehension of film and light and movement reminds us of painters we know from a different era, from a different country and that thought makes us feel romantic, as these images do. “I always have one or two cameras with me so I did not choose my subjects or my site, everything is spontaneous, true. These are incongruous, pleasant, surprising moments of my everyday that you will see on my films.”

see more of Margot’s work here: FLICKR
and follow her on Facebook here: MRGT Photography


“I’m so far down the path that I can’t go back even if i wanted to. Life grants us a series of opportunities and those opportunities come with a price. I can’t stop, I’ve backed myself into a corner.”

These are the opening words in Ian Ruhter’s new video illustrating the early stages of his journey. The first few scenes lead you into a deep dark world emulating that of an addiction at its highest magnitude; a series of chemicals are mixed by a hooded figure as he works to create a perfect chemical reaction.

His project is honest, his work is inspiring – Ruhter demonstrates the human soul at its highest capacity, when one has found that passion and connection to something, enabling them to take their truest form and surpass everything else.

“It’s about doing what you love. If you had been searching your whole life for something you love, and you found it, what would you be willing to sacrifice?”

All images courtesy of Ian Ruhter Photography.

Best email I’ve received in the last month was this set of images from James Chiang. As I scroll through the images, my favorites jump out of me and I pull them into a folder. I quickly realize that the folder is huge and every image could be a tee shirt design. You can bet on the fact that Witness This will continue to follow this master of the camera and a collaboration is in the works. Here are some images that we are exclusively featuring on Witness This, I feel so fortunate to be looking at them, as most people have never seen any of them before.

See more of James’s work here. Witness James Chiang



Introduced to the work of James Chiang on a recent trip to San Francisco, the word impressive doesn’t do it justice. Moods set by unconventional sets and props, both found and fabricated set the bar at new heights. Chiang is a master sculpture and musician who uses his home, amongst an array of arenas, to tell stories. He photographs his world and shares it in the most powerful of ways.

See more of the his work at jameschiang.com.